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Comment I knew not jumping on the CFL bandwagon was right! (Score 2) 296

In fact I'm still using kerosene lamps 'cause I didn't put no trust in that 'lectric light bulb. Now I can jump right past the incandescent era, the cfl era and even the led bulb and have my new house made of glowing plastic embedded with nano particles.

All kidding aside this opens up the possibilities of building this into products in new and innovative ways...

Comment I am the IT guy at a Faculty of Education (Score 1) 440

I offer my knowledge and expertise to teachers in training... I run labs... I volunteer my time to help train teachers.

BUT, for the most part they do not wish to learn IT stuff. Why, because they don't get marks for it.

They don't want to understand how PC's work, how the OS works, how networks work, how software works. They aren't interested in troubleshooting IT problems. They don't want to build their own smart boards or document cameras. So the real question is WHY not.

Because very few people truly want this knowledge. They know that it isn't expected of them. As long as they know how to use Facebook, a cell phone, turn on a computer, surf the web, load a mp3 player they are happy and think they are complete.

They are no different from the majority of the people out there. They are consumers not creators.

This leads us to the real problem, the root cause of our political and economic crisis.

We are happy to be simple consumers while off-shoring the real knowledge part of our lives. We are happy to return the new gadget instead of reading the manual to make it work. We are happy to be ignorant of how our toys, cars, houses, retirement, health, economies, politics, environment work. We have abdicated responsibility for being educated.

So when we see teachers in school who don't know try to bullshit their way... When we watch web videos of our kids doing stupid stunts or posing for porn... when we see CEO's of banks, car companies, insurance firms, energy traders behaving like fiscal morons and breaking the law to enrich themselves... When we permit our politicians to openly and blatantly lie to us, embroil us in ill conceived conflicts, drain our national wealth into the pockets of their friends... When we see any of this and don't speak up, then we deserve whatever our new masters give us.

So do you want to make a change? Get involved. Demand participation. Learn something real and teach it to other people. Volunteer in a school. Turn off the f**king TV. Be active in the education of your kids.

Sorry folks... I took a little leeway in my comments.

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