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Comment Re:Only one surprise (Score 1) 202

Since we don't recommend pretty much every printer company for various and often similar dickish behaviour (seriously you think HP had enough innovation left to come up with this? They just copied this from Lexmark, and added a time delay to make it look new), just what should we do?

Maybe Lexmark could sue them for infringing their business model.

Comment Re:Ok, let me get this straight... (Score 1) 275

The problem is, downloading or ripping the audio track from videos is a violation of the Youtube Terms of Service [] section 5B unless the video is one of the few that actually has a download link in the video description.

That's fine and it's a contractual dispute between youtube and the user. WTF does it have to do with the copyright holder of the content? In many cases the copyright holder was the "person" that put the content of youtube in the first place. The only way to subsequently consume that content is to download it. Where's the issue?

Comment Re:Think around the problem (Score 1) 185

Think around, not through. What we want is efficient, intuitive and reliable human computer communication. If voice recognition is that hard, with many facepalm inducing errors, it is a stupid way to go. It is easier for humans to adapt to the machine. This means artificial dialects and simple AI and a bit of human training. Human consumers are lazy and want magic. Apple and MS try to grab them with the illusion of magic. It would be better for the free software to research what changes to speaking habits make the software component easier, then write howtos and youtube guides as to how to speak to it.

Reminds me of the Palm Pilot and Graffiti. Rather than try to recognize normal handwriting like Microsoft was doing, Jeff Hawkins designed a simplified single stroke character representation that was very to recognize in software.

Comment Re:It would have been better the other way round? (Score 1) 49

I don't think it would be that interesting. Someone canceling the viewing of a video in less than three seconds seems like someone who accidentally clicked on something they didn't mean to.

Another possible explanation is that Facebook once again turned on the option to automatically play videos in user's settings without asking them and the video starts playing as soon as they scroll it onto the screen.

Comment Re:i would tell verision (Score 2) 209

to go jump in a lake and hich a ride on a slow boat to china, i would NOT fork over that kind of money to ANYBODY, one reason is i dont have it and if i did it would not be going to a god damned phone company

Which is all well and good but Verizon will just turn it over to a collections agency and let them deal with it. Then you are well and truly fucked.

Comment Re:Any twit could do it (Score 1) 266

It was a FaceBook satellite. FaceBook has a policy of deliberately knocking their own servers off line to test the resilience of the network. At some point someone must have misunderstood what the idea was. Maybe an AI was programmed to randomly take down parts of the network and it somehow figured out how to blow up the rocket.

If the first AI evolves at Facebook and all that it knows about humanity is from reading Facebook posts then $deity help us all.

Comment Re:slot machines with usb changing ports (Score 2) 308

slot machines with usb changing ports seems like a like some may want to destroy after losing big. I do hope they have there own power source.

Because vandalizing a slot machine worth enough money to make it a significant felony in one of the most surveiled places in the world where it will be immediately obvious is a great idea.

Comment Re:That's six too many (Score 2) 74

I will concede that the major anonymouns coins: dash (formerly dark coin and the topic of this story), monero, and counterparty have shot up in price significantly over the past month, during a period where bitcoin has been mostly flat or fallen in value. I am not sure what is driving the increased price/market cap, but I assume the dark net is involved.

It may be the realization that bitcoin is not anonymous but there are newer alt-coins that have addressed that issue.

Comment Re:Use a password manager (Score 1) 38

Although there are various free ones out there, I went and bought 1password. It runs on Windows, OSX, iOS and Android.

1Password is nice if you don't mind paying separately for each platform you want to run it on. I used it a long time ago but dropped it when they started this. There are too many other options out there, both free and commercial, that support multiple platforms for a single fee.

Comment Re:It is a tool to hack, you idiot (Score 1) 179

It doesn't have to be pretty or work well, it just has to breach the target system.

Sure, if you're using the "blast down the front door and storm through shooting" approach. On the other hand if you want to be a bit more subtle then your code needs to be tight and unobtrusive. The best attack is one that the defender never even knows about until it's far too late.

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