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Comment Re: Except it doesn't work properly (Score 1) 129

I really have to vehemently disagree with you contention of:

A simple example would be C and C++'s never ending supply of bugs related to dangling pointers, memory leaks etc., many of which are caused by inherent default choices in the language.

If I were to judge your age based on your user ID number, I would day you have been around long enough to know the old saying, "I malloc, therefor I free"

C and to a lesser extent, C++ are quite excellent tools, and for that matter most all other tools are written in those two languages by competent software engineers who actually know what they are doing.

Don,t blame the tool, place the incompetent tool user.

Comment Yes it does, and for many reasons... (Score 2) 148

  • Developers who just say, "we have to use > " because that is all they know how to use and they cannot take the time to learn the basics of good software design principles.
  • Development Managers who could not code their way out of a wet paper bag, making decisions for the development team when they know very little about anything.
  • The coders who write "tools" so they can make databases look like Java then hate the DBA's when they point out that the database is a vertical beast and not a horizontal one. And yes I am speaking about the fools who who write Hibernate / Spring which is so old, so wrong, so wrong headed as to make it practically useless in the day of a modern DB engine. Hibernate has been broken into more times then I can count.
  • SOFD, Software of the day... So a guys writes something he thinks is cool, and some fool decides its great and uses it in a forward facing system. It is never strenuously tested, and likely as not never developed further yet there it is in some critical code.
  • Using Libs or frameworks that are so badly coded that they include 10's of thousands lines of code that are never seen or tested because some 24 year old kid grabs a function that he thinks is going to save him an hour or two.
  • Because Java! Not the worst programming language ever, but the problems that come from garbage collection and programmers who THINK they understand it.

  • Because JavaScript, which is the worst period, ever written period, kludged upon period, ever written period!!

We need to get off of the HTML/CSS/ crazy drunken bandwagon and get back to basics! Re-boot and re-tool the the entire process because if we don't we are just screwed and more break ins will happen as the things become more and more complex. You need to let DBA's build the database portions of things and secure access. You need to let Systems people write HARDENED code. Let web guys make things pretty. You need to stop demanding a a single point tool and go back to individual inter working parts, written by competent coders, which are then put through a very severe hardening process.

Comment Re:What They're Actually Saying... (Score 1) 230

Interesting question. "Car Service" is,at least in the US, have always been one of those business that are not defined as Taxi's. Car Service, have been 1 to many employee's. They are regulated by the limousine side of the Taxi and Limousine as a single payment ( including taxes and tolls ) per destination. But payment is made to the driver, after the trip, and those companies must pay drivers a salary, not a percentage of a fare. If the company has more than 50 employees ( including office, personnel, mechanics, drivers, etc.) then they have to also provide healthcare

Comment Re:What They're Actually Saying... (Score 3, Insightful) 230

No, what I believe they are saying is that if you work for a company, that collects the money, gives you your jobs, set standards for drivers, etc., then you are an employee of that company.
You can buy a car, advertise all over the place, have the correct insurance, and you are a one person company. It has been going on for a long time, its called "Car Service".

Comment So much for long distance Listening (Score 4, Informative) 293

Digital ANYTHING over the air for listening just plain sucks.

If your signal is not perfect you simply don't hear anything. If I am WAY away from an analog broadcast, it might be fuzzy, it might in and out of stereo but I can still HEAR and understand it. With digital, one the signal gets fuzzy is just does not decode it.

This is only one of the reasons why cops and fire fighters hate the new digital radios.

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