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Submission + - US is Happy To Pay More for Clean Energy. Well, a Little More (

Fluffeh writes: "A recent study of over 1,000 folks for a paper published in Nature Climate Change has found that the average US citizen is inclined to pay a premium to ensure that by 2035, 80% of US power comes from clean energy. At random, respondents received one of three "technological treatments" or definitions of clean energy that included renewable energy sources alone, renewable sources plus natural gas, and renewable sources plus nuclear power. Delving into the socioeconomics, researchers found that Republicans, Independents, and respondents with no party allegiance were less likely by 25, 13 and 25 percentage points respectively to support a NCES than respondents that identified themselves as Democrats."
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Submission + - Could a Power Efficient Console Make a Real Difference to Energy Use? (

Fluffeh writes: "Environmental groups often push for efficiency improvements in big energy hogs like cars and appliances. It's viewed as a major way to reduce our collective energy use and carbon footprint. But a recent study argues a simple firmware update for current high definition video game consoles could provide a much easier way to chop off a small but significant portion of US residential energy usage. The study, published by a team of Carnegie Mellon researchers in the latest issue of the journal Energy Efficiency, estimates that 100 million video game consoles sucked up nearly 16 terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy a year in the US in 2010. That's roughly one percent of the total household energy consumption for the entire country, and nearly twice as much as all the electricity used by all homes in the state of Rhode Island."

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