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Journal Journal: ambulocetus natans 3

A google search for a transitional fossil of whales led me to this piece of creation foolishness:

The legs are real legs, not 'fins,' and there are no imaginary webs between its toes such as National Geographic had added. (Picture from Carroll, Patterns and Process of Vertebrate Evolution, p. 335)

This is hilarious when you compare the skeleton in question to the skeleton of a crocodile, a beaver, or a river otter.

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Journal Journal: Quote of the day [what this one meant]

Auribus teneo lupum. [I hold a wolf by the ears.] [Boy, it *sounds* good. But what does it *mean*?]

It means "I'm safe for now, but I can't let go!"
It's like the old prank with the bucket of water held on the ceiling with a broom, but deadly.

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Journal Journal: Blasphemy 4

"It is wrong, blasphemous and sinful for you to suggest, imply or help other people come to the conclusion that the US government killed three thousand of it's own citizens."

Tucker Carlson

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Journal Journal: Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961 3

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial-congress complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

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Journal Journal: The sheeple are self-censoring 1

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007: "Not worth reading"!

If you question the official conspiracy theory, you're crazy crazy crazy! The DOD always tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, after all.

Here's a video that is "not worth" watching: Demolition expert Danny Jowenko explains how the WTC7 was destroyed by professionals, and expresses surprise and disbelief when he's told the collapse was on the same day as the towers.
This video has eyewitnesses from the ground, firefighters involved in the rescue, saying they heard the detonation of the charges(mpg, no sound) before the collapse.

This picture shows how much damage a building can sustain from the Twin Tower debris without collapsing.
Even a gash almost identical to the one pictured in a 2005 official release did not bring this building down (notice the boarded windows).

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Journal Journal: Human evolution and the hubris of it's denial 2

I often hear people say that humans are no longer subject to natural selection.
They mention hospitals, cripples being taken care of, prenatal care, and they ignore the fact that two thirds of the people of this world have no access to these luxuries.

Not only is most of the population of the earth still dying young from malaria, tigers, hippos, and all manners of natural disasters, but we are reminded regularly that people in the industrial nations die everyday from man made predators. In 1830, William Huskisson ushered in a brave new world of everyday deadliness. I still see rail safety campaign posters, aimed at kids, in the 21st century.

Even medical science isn't saving people indiscriminatly of their genetic heritage. Most of the healing is left to the patient's body, and the treatment themselves work better on some and not as well on others: Survival of the easiest to treat.

Human evolution hasn't stopped: We aren't mighty enough to rise above natural selection.

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Journal Journal: Ah, trolls.

There's this troll that tried to pick on me for being in mensa (which I'm not, but he's dumb, so he assumed).
I fed him some poisoned replies ;-)

From his insistant trolling, I got proof positive that his attacks on the character of the person he wrongly assumed I was were not an execptional bout of misdirected anger from a human being, but proof positive of a under-bridge dweller, as well a set of data providing a posting pattern for that individual.

By an amazing coincidence, right after that troll started eating the scraps I left for it, I suddenly started getting regular AC trolling.
If I reply to those, the AC troll comes back to check and keeps on trolling... always in the same timeframe as all the trolling from the mensa-assuming moron! What a coinkidink! I mean, he clicked "post as anonymous coward", so I have no way of knowing who wrote those!

Hehehe, trolls are so dumb :)

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Journal Journal: America: The definition 4

America [for Amerigo Vespucci], the lands of the Western Hemisphere--North America, Central (or Middle) America, and South America. The world map published in 1507 by Martin Waldseemüller is the first known cartographic use of the name. In English, America and American are frequently used to refer only to the United States.

Source: The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia Copyright © 2004, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

You wouldn't believe the long winded bullshit people will come up with to cover up their ignorance of this simple fact.

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Journal Journal: And I let 4 mod points expire today... 3

Re:take it for what it is., posted to CIA Secretly Reclassifying Documents, has been moderated Interesting (+1).
It is currently scored Interesting (2).

moderated Interesting (+1).
It is currently scored Interesting (3).

moderated Interesting (+1).
It is currently scored Interesting (4).

moderated Interesting (+1).
It is currently scored Interesting (5).

moderated Flamebait (-1).
It is currently scored Interesting (4).

moderated Interesting (+1).
It is currently scored Interesting (5).


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Journal Journal: Darwin wrote: 8

"Lamarck was the first man whose conclusions on the subject excited much attention. This justly celebrated naturalist first published his views in 1801. . . he first did the eminent service of arousing attention to the probability of all changes in the organic, as well as in the inorganic world, being the result of law, and not of miraculous interposition."


In 1999 a group of religious fundamentalists won the election to the Kansas State Board of Education and tried to introduce creationism into the state's classrooms. They wanted to delete references to radiocarbon dating, continental drift and the fossil record from the education standards. In 2001 more-temperate forces prevailed in elections, but the anti-evolutionists garnered a 6-4 majority again in November 2004. Now Intelligent Design (ID) theory is their anti-evolution tool of choice.

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Journal Journal: Bring back JonKatz

Which one would you prefer? JonKatz or Roland Piquepaille?

Try for yourself - search for "roland" and "jonkatz" in the slashdot search. Read a few of their submissions.

Let's look at their general submission style:
Jon - Was into the culture-smacks-into-technology side of things. Did tend to sometimes distort (or completely mangle) the facts, but most stories seemed to cause some genuine discussion.

Roland - Seems to be the cut'n'paster of the century. Every story so far points to his website (Roland's Technology Trends) for "more info", which is normally a few paragraphs from another linked article, with filler such as "and as you can see from the next paragraph, it's very interesting".

Now, I wouldn't have a problem with this, but he sells advertising on his site. I can deal with google adwords (I suppose), but then I see a box on the side spouting:

Reach the tech crowd!
This blog focuses on new technologies and how they will affect our lives.

This is the place to reach all these technology-savvy readers and advertise your most innovative products or services.

So, Roland pretty much uses slashdot to drive people to his site. If all he did was link to the original site (the one his blog links to) in his slashdot submission I wouldn't mind. But linking back to your site to basically get your hits up? I don't like it. It feels wrong. If I want the latest technology trends, I look at gizmodo, or techdirt. I don't need people decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio at slashdot for their own gain. If his blog was full of insightful commentary and facts from several different places, all carefully put together to have some real value, then I wouldn't feel as cheated everytime I accidently click through.

To sum up? Three words:
Bring back JonKatz.

At least his submissions had some content.

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Journal Journal: Electric Cars, Thundersky batteries and such

Amongst all the other things I've been doing, I keep thinking about building an electric car. Battery technology is certainly heading in the right direction - a decent set of thundersky li-ion batteries are good for 12kWhr for a hundred and fifty kilos. 12kWhr, at an "average to crap" efficiency of 350Whr/mile gives 35 or so miles..... which is enough to get me to work and back every day on half a charge. It's a damn shame it'd cost me nearly six grand in batteries. That, and four or five thousand for a decent sized motor and controller. 12000 bucks is a whole lot of money to try and recoup in fuel savings.

But it *would* be cool. Maybe I'll scale down a bit and build an electric harley. That'd be a little more affordable. Then I can grow a beard and a pot belly, wear some black leather and tatts, and cruise silently up behind people and scare the bejeezus out of them. Oh, and I guess I'll have to have some skanky biker chicks too.

Me and my mid-life crisis, we're all set :-)

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