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Comment Better not be automated (Score 1) 369

I work in education. You can certainly try to automate my job away, but until so many jobs have been automated that people no longer need to work I will be employed. I guess once people don't need skills other than "keep the robots serving us" education may become less popular, but even then some people like to learn for the sake of learning. Am I too optimistic in hoping that some people will continue to learn from other humans?

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 227

My IvyBridge gaming machine with a 680 still works fine. That's 5 years old. But a SkyLake machine with a 980 would be a big step up in performance, although excel would not feel any different.

I was running week long sims on Broadwell machines recently. Dropping it to a day would improve the quality of my life. In effect the sims I can run are bounded by the compute power available to me.

I really don't think you need a SkyLake machine in order to run The Sims. Pretty sure the last game came out in like 2013...

Comment Re:Sources of Support (Score 4, Insightful) 742

I agree 100% AC. My question to the American "patriots" is what happens when the ideal America you are patriotic about, is not the America you live in? When do you recognize that the name itself does not warrant patriotism, but rather the ideals for which it actively works?

Notice I didn't say the ideals it claims to stand for, because saying you are for freedom and democracy is very different from actually allowing people to be free and have a functioning system of democracy. It seems to me (as a non-American) that America has been slipping further and further away from what the patriots claim America represents.

You don't live in the post-war 50's with an American dream available to all. You live in a country where the dictators all follow their name with a trademark symbol, and aren't breaking laws because they get to buy them from your "democratically elected" government. I use quotations because it seems odd to have a system where you are stuck with 1 of 2 possiblities, both of whom seem to be picked by the parties themselves more than voting, based on super-PAC funding and donations from the corporations.

So again I ask: What are you patriotic towards, the America of today, or the ideal of America?

Comment Re:USA only and no vpns allowed (Score 1) 175

Only if I want the whole movie. If I download the soundtrack only I'm perfectly least in Canada. Odd times we live in where we are allowed to "steal" music but not video. Oh well, it's the bed the music industry made, and now we get the benefit of sleeping in it.

If only someone could convince the T.V./movie industry to leave some loop holes open for us Canadians to get access to the one show we would like to watch without paying over $100 for a cable subscription we don't need or want.

OH WAIT! Maybe they could just make their shows available for a small fee on a per show basis? Oh wait, that makes too much sense.

Comment Re:Lets replace some words in the headline (Score 1) 194

Observing public spaces, even if from altitude, generally has been considered quite okay with the courts.

The problem is that 'public spaces' change based on altitude. What happens in my backyard is private...if you are on the street. My reasonable expectation of privacy extends to my backyard because I have a fence. If someone comes by and stands on a ladder to take pictures of me in my yard, they are invading my privacy. So yes, those planes are looking into many places that are not public spaces. Just ask Google, they got into a lot of trouble with their streetview cars because the cameras were mounted higher than eye level and were getting pictures into peoples yards.

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