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Comment Re:Put Dad's tools back where you found them! (Score 1) 671

If you have a site that "costs 100K per minute" to be down, you sure as hell don't host it on a single machine (VM cluster what???) and hire some retard to have a "30 minute google session" to find a fix. Hell, with your frame of mind we shouldn't have changed anything past the terminal/mainframe days, or even the punch card/mainframe days because people "had been doing it form more than a decade." Your entire post is full of hyperbole and illogical statements surrounded by an emotional response to a fucking UI change in a desktop OS. Adapt or get the hell out of the way old man.

Symantec Reports Spate of Attacks Via Recent Windows Flaw 56

Surprised Giraffe writes "Symantec is warning of a sharp jump in online attacks that appear to be targeting a recently patched bug in Microsoft's Windows operating system, an analysis that some other security companies disputed. Symantec raised its Threat Con security alert level from one to two because of the attacks, with two denoting 'increased alertness.' The attacks spotted by Symantec target a flaw in the Windows Server Service that Microsoft says could be exploited to create a self-copying worm attack."

Comment Story is wrong (Score 2, Informative) 382

Doesn't look like this story covers anything involving the 3g iPhone, it even mentions that you need the 1.0.0 version of the firmware, which the 3g never even shipped with (or can run)! This is talking about the old iPhone with the 2.0 software, nothing exciting. Check out the iphone dev team blog for real news about the 3g running with non signed apps, they released today!

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