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Comment Two machines left on XP, rest on W7 or Linux (Score 1) 879

Those two machines are special purpose boxes with migrated older XP licenses. One does streaming video output from Flash Media Encoder, which still seems to work a bit better in 32-bit XP right now. If the situation ever changes enough to justify such a change, I'll gladly move it up to a 64-bit W7 build.

The other is a dedicated JDownloader/Ventrilo/Skype/VoIP box (running an ancient P4) to allow communications and downloads to keep going while other machines are rebooting, under maintenance, or whatever.

That second machine could be migrated to W7, sure, or maybe even Linux, but I've got a perfectly servicable license for XP and the machine barely touches the internet outside of those specific apps.

Really, the risk ends up being pretty minimal after you factor in the firewall and very limited port forwarding.

Eventually they'll probably get migrated up, but I think the comm box will end up getting a total hardware change along with a new OS. That's a long ways away, though. No need to upgrade those two yet.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 585

I can answer that. I used Firefox for years, but the memory leaks got worse and worse and the browser got slower and slower. Chrome was at least 500% faster right from the start, and as soon as extensions became available most of my Firefox extensions were ported. There's even a decent port of AdBlock-- the only major extension I miss is NoScript. I still have Firefox on here for the occasional site where I'd prefer to use NoScript, but I can certainly say there's still a major speed and RAM consumption difference.

Oh, and I'm 34, in case you were wondering.

Comment Re:Rainy day (Score 1) 260

Shit, I wouldn't even call a Cryix a 486. Like you said, higher end 386s tore those things to shreds. A guy I knew back in highschool had one, and it had a notorious chipset defect that caused it to semi-randomly scramble floppy writes under certain conditions.

Comment Re:What's different? (Score 1) 430

Had some early chipset driver issues in XP way back in the day (a six month period of major problems between Detonator drivers and Via's 4-in-1 chipset drivers) but in recent years (XP, Vista, and Win7) I've only had problems from the rare occasional "driver went very very wrong" crash or dying hardware crash.

BSODs don't show up nearly as much as they did back in the 9X days, that's for sure.

Comment Re:Firefox can't even update via CLI (Score 1) 320

Did you put in a bug report on this, or at least check to see if one existed? If it's really a problem (and it sure looks like one) then there are mechanisms in place to tell the devs "Hey! I need this fixed!"

Note I never assured you that they'll LISTEN. That's a completely different angle, but you really can't complain unless there's at least a bug report on file.

Comment Re:I wonder (Score 1) 256

I don't necessarily agree here. It's not the verification, it's the "Okay, what facts do we have?" question.

At least in my case, someone told me the guy had died and my first reaction was to google it and see HOW he had died. I'd think that's more likely than the suspicion of a hoax.

Comment Myst? (Score 1) 159

Myst? Certainly one of the defining moments of its' short-lived genre, but I think I would have picked The Seventh Guest instead for that slot.

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