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App Store Piracy Losses Estimated At $459 Million 202

An anonymous reader passes along this quote from a report at 24/7 Wall St.: "There have been over 3 billion downloads since the inception of the App Store. Assuming the proportion of those that are paid apps falls in the middle of the Bernstein estimate, 17% or 510 million of these were paid applications. Based on our review of current information, paid applications have a piracy rate of around 75%. That supports the figure that for every paid download, there have been 3 pirated downloads. That puts the number of pirate downloads at 1.53 billion. If the average price of a paid application is $3, that is $4.59 billion dollars in losses split between Apple and the application developers. That is, of course, assuming that all of those pirates would have made purchases had the application not been available to them for free. This is almost certainly not the case. A fair estimate of the proportion of people who would have used the App Store if they did not use pirated applications is about 10%. This estimate yields about $459 million in lost revenue for Apple and application developers." A response posted at Mashable takes issue with some of the figures, particularly the 75% piracy rate. While such rates have been seen with game apps, it's unclear whether non-game apps suffer the same fate.

Comment Pirated PS3 games gave me swine flu (Score 2, Informative) 1016

Did anyone read the article? I quote Piracy, counterfeiting and other intellectual property rights violations not only cost U.S. businesses jobs and billions of dollars a year in lost revenue, they can also pose significant health and safety risks to consumers

Um...exactly how does a pirated PS3 game create a health or safety risk?

Comment AT&T is showing anti-iPhone bias (Score 1) 789

Now I can agree with what everyone here is saying "It's a minor upgrade, wait" and "you signed the contract, suck it up" BUT for one thing. I got the iPhone 3G the night of release. I checked today and I am eligible for a subsidized renewal for every phone EXCEPT the iPhone 3GS. AT&T's policy is after *11 months* you can renew and get a cheaper phone.

EXCEPT for the 3GS.

Now the reason for this is likely that AT&T is getting bent over by Apple and forced to offer a bigger subsidy for the 3GS and they don't WANT to let us upgrade, but if I wanted a Razr or whatever the hell other phone they sell AT&T would give me the FULL, NEW CONTRACT price because it's been 11 months since my last one.

But not the 3GS. THAT is where I cry bullshit.


Slashdot's Disagree Mail 202

Slashdot has one of the best discussion systems there is. It's grown and adapted over the years to meet various challenges and suit the needs of our users. A lot of time and effort has gone into it and we are always open to user input to help make it better. Some of our best ideas start as user suggestions and we appreciate the feedback. Of course they can't all be gems and sometimes the suggestions we get are unworkable or just bizarre. Here are a few of my favorite unhelpful, helpful suggestions.

Walmart Caves On DRM Removal 215

cmunic8r99 writes in with an email he received from walmart.com yesterday evening about the pending shutdown of their DRM services (which we discussed a while back). Walmart has reconsidered and won't be shutting off its DRM servers after all. They are still moving to an all-MP3 store, but won't break all the DRMed music its customers have already downloaded; this because of "feedback from the customers."

Comment Re:Save the Franchise? (Score 1) 603

actually this has been said by Lucas himself MANY times. His original script for Star Wars had a big battle on Kashyyyk with primitive Wookiees defeating the empire. But since he couldn't do that he kept in Chewbacca and made him an engineer/co-pilot. He felt when he got to Jedi that Wookiees were too sophisticated with electronics to make the point of primitive vs. technological so he created Ewoks. Wookiees are tall, Ewoks are short. Wookiees have long fur, Ewoks have short fur. And viola, a muppet was born.
The Internet

Submission + - Marvel Digital Comics Unmasked 1 Week After Launch

Fierythrasher writes: "After a press blitz that could only be beaten if Britney Spears runs over another photographer's foot, Marvel Comics Digital Subscription service was released. While the same press release was run everywhere (including Slashdot) pretty soon the cracks began to show. iFanboy.com discussed how Marvel's servers buckled underneath the interest generated by the news, but also discussed how Marvel's clunky Flash-based comic viewer left much to be desired. Marvel responded to this with videos that parody the server situation rather than responding to it. They end with the wonderful business motto that more businesses should strive for: "Yes, it's actually working." (perhaps Vista could use that after SP-1?).

Next, GIT Inc. who had been released PDF archives of entire runs of Marvel comics on DVD, posted a letter on their homepage that Marvel had pulled their license and asking fans to write to Marvel asking them to reconsider (Marvel has since requested GIT remove the letter, but a copy of it can be found here). This has resulted in the requested letter-writing campaign as well as blogs began complaining about Marvel's lack of (legal) downloadable comic options.

Finally, it was revealed that comics will be rotating on Marvel's subscription service. So if you want to read the first hundred issues of Amazing Spider-Man, better read fast because Marvel may be taking those offline real soon.

And that's all in the first 7 days of being online.

So with all this, I believe Marvel's giant step into digital comics may anger fans more than it pleases them in the long run..."

Submission + - Marvel opens comic vault for online viewing (swactionnews.com)

Fierythrasher writes: "Marvel Comics has taken the next step in the ongoing battle to keep comic books relevant in an age where interactive enteratinment grabs the minds of children more than the latest spandex clad hero showing up on newsstands. Newsarama reports Marvel is going to offer an "all you can eat" digital subscription service where paying users ($10/mo or $60/yr) can read a vast archive of Marvel comics both old and new.

New comics are added weekly, and while the latest issue will take a minimum of six months to be available online so as to not cut into first-run sales, it certainly is cheaper to read Spider-Man #1 here instead of picking up an original comic. But will comic fans, mostly collectors all, embrace this new digital subscription service?"

Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Suing for $1,000,000 over $200 iPhone Price Drop (swactionnews.com)

Fierythrasher writes: "When is $200 worth $1,000,000? When you're this woman (CNN.com) who seems to believe her iPhone is made of pure gold. Her claim is that she is now unable to sell her used iPhone for what she could before the $200 price drop last month. As such, Apple and AT&T need to pay her 7 figures. Makes total sense. Every early adopter should get a million dollar reward for having the newest toys first, right?

In all seriousness, this seems proof that this country needs a stiffer penalty to punish those who litigate frivolously."


Submission + - Apple Throws $100 Bone to iPhone Early Adopters (swactionnews.com)

Fierythrasher writes: "Yesterday when Apple lowered the price of the iPhone by $200 I was happy as I thought of buying one, but felt pains of sympathy for a friend of mine who bought one a few weeks ago for the full $600 price tag. Today Gizmodo is reporting Steve Jobs truly demonstrates he is not evil by offering all iPhone early adopters a $100 gift card for use in the Apple retail or online stores.

So...I guess iPhone users can get a free Shuffle or a half off nano? Personally I'd be more impressed if it was a $100 iTunes gift card, but I guess users can go throught the extra step and buy the iTunes card from the Apple store."

Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Lightsaber to be sent into space (swactionnews.com)

Fierythrasher writes: "As part of the celebration of Star Wars' 30th Anniversary NASA has decided to send a lightsaber into space. As part of a shuttle Discovery mission on October 32rd, an original Luke Skywalker lightsaber from the original Star Wars trilogy (you know, the good movies) will be handed over to NASA in California, and it will be greeted in Houston by fans in Stormtrooper costumes and R2-D2.

So who's with me on planning a mission into space to retrieve this high-end collectible? I mean, they've done the hard work of retrieving it from the gaseous depths of Bespin, how hard can traversing the void of space be in comparison?"

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