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Journal Journal: a flat minor 9

Well , I got a flat .. so I am near totally broke till either my Disability money is through or I get a job.
Should have the internet on the 10th of next month or there abouts :D
Have a couple of interviews lined up ... so I should get one :( unfortunatly only part time , but I can pick up reliefe hours

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Journal Journal: Just A NOTE 1

Applied for loads of jobs probbaly get one soon.
If not I will go on incapacity benifit and study full time ;) Thus I get my rent and tax paid and still get about 400 a month with my disabiltie money .
Nearly found a flat , should be soon , looking at a place on wedensday

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Journal Journal: I'm off , up up and away 11

I will be back ;) .
Though not very often ovr the next few months .
Messages are turned off , so as not to drown me whenever I log on ;)

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Journal Journal: Mememememme BATMAN um Meme 7

I SAID: Far too much

I WANT It all , oooo yeah

I WISH: I could fly , cheesy I know , but I hate long trips and also paying for travel

I DO: Too much

I DANCE: Drunkenly , I think I am awful , but everyone tells me I am rather excellent .

I SING: Exceptionally well .

I CRY: When I have a mood swing and get all emotional , which is funny as I am a rather big tough looking guy.



I WRITE: Illegibly

I CONFUSE: Things a lot , I am rather dyslexic .

I NEED: A lot of things

I SHOULD: Focus my talents and put them to good use , or so people tell me

I REFUSE: To Submit

I START: When I want to .

I FINISH: When I want to ;) Control

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Journal Journal: A social working I shall go 9

Well I have decided , I am going to start a degree in social work .
I will be a social worker in the next 4-5 years or so , I will be doing it part time because I need to work .
I may even do the PHD afterwards , something which I have intended on doing for a long time , a bit of an academic penis extension do admit, but it is for me and not anyone else, though being called doctor will be great... though that is many years in the future.

I think I would make a great social worker , as unlike many social workers , I have been there and lived it.
Brought up on the wrong side of the tracks, Learning disability, completely mad and I understand people.

As said earlier, I am going to start working in the area and take a massive pay hit .. well I may have to take another job int he mean time if the interview I have goes sour. But as the Japanese say GAMBATA .

I leave on Monday for Scotland, Staying in my gran and Granda's house , will be great as I have a box of stuff there, no idea what is in it though .

Rather hard though , as untill I get the new flat etc. I will be apart from my wife.
The longest time we have been apart since married in 2002 is 1 week total. Also I have no idea how I will manage without sex for 6 months.... but that is another issue for another JE in a slightly less mature Arena ;)

Well I will no home Internet for ages, but I have friends and family with a connection so I will be able to pop in and update, but not as often as I would like.

Though it will be great to see my friends again, I phoned my friend Katie and arranged a party.
So all my friends will be coming , apart from James who is still in the navy and Adam who is in Edinburgh(not telling you his job as the police may be reading).

this will be the first time since I was 5 that I have lived in a house with another man(my granda) Which is odd heh. Also I have got rather used to being the master of my domain(well co-master) so it will be an adjustment.

But hopefully I should get a flat soon and a job ....

So in 4 days my life will change a great deal , shit I am rather nervous but excited.

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Journal Journal: Insults of the week 9

Here is a great one , Coxcomb .. For all of you who need something to stick it to that conceited Dandy .
Also you should try to use the word cant somewhere , cant meaning basically the same as Jargon . :D Please try using cant on slashdot and laugh at the grammar trolls as they insult your grammar .
That cant becomes not useful in many situations .
Your cant sucks ..etc.

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Journal Journal: Statistics are fun 11

First question :
Would you rather speak to Hitler or saw you genitals off and break every bone in your body

Second question:
Would you rather speak to your mother or get 1,000,000,000 and save humanity from cancer.

This poll proves that most people would rather speak to Hitler than their mothers. :D I hate polls
Of course it doesn't but that is how almost all Polls work , Don't believe any of them

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Journal Journal: Sleeping in a spare room 2

Well I have some temp accommodation set up , will be staying with my grandparents in the spare room till I get a place.
So I am going to be filling out a council house application form and waiting.
The places are much cheaper than private rent and I should be able to get pushed up the list and get something in the centre of town nearly.

This is going to be tough , I will be going ahead for at most a few months without the wife.
This will be the first time we have been apart for more than a week since we married.. that was only one week.
So this will be a bit horrible , but needs to be done.

Flight is on the 6th of next month
Nervous very very much so

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Journal Journal: Career change a tough decision 17

I have decided to switch careers out of the IT industry. I believe I could be doing something of much more worth to people and actually help things .
So with that I have decided to get into social care and project work. Starting at the bottom as I will need to earn a few new qualifications including a Bachelors in social work , but this is something I must do.
I have discussed it with my wife and we both agree .
So this will be an amazing pay cut , I will have to deal with abusive people and the abused(so no change there then)
and my life at times may be a living hell whilst doing this.
I could though , look at myself in the mirror and feel proud that I am trying to make a difference.

The wages cut is insane , for example a Systems admin can earn around 50-120 thousand a year(less for juniors)
for the Social spectrum we are talking 14-30 thousand (30 being management)
You know what though , I do not care about that. I will miss being able to buy lots of pointless shite , but I think we can cope .

I feel really at peace and like I am doing the right thing , something I haven't felt in a while.
It will mean me moving back to Aberdeen or so , but I can handle that and my wife has been pushing us to move for ages.

Welcome to the first day of my new life, nothing set in stone , I still have my job(I wont for much longer as the company is shutting down anyway , giving me a good excuse ) but i Will begin looking tomorrow .
Today is for beer , 6 cans of lovely German beer and I am going to drink the lot and get a little tipsy

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Journal Journal: Lay in a bed all day unable to move: or PVS 6

WARNING :May contain flamebait , though not intentional flamebait ,honest to goodness opinion about something.

Sounds like a lot of fun does it not.
Everyone is nice to you , you get sponge baths and you have to do no work at all .
It gets boring very quickly as anyone with a severe flu could tell you .
Imagine it for a number of years , but remove your ability to interact .
Even if you are conscious in some form , it is all the worse.
We are not that cruel to dogs.
Now if there is a chance for recovery then take it , but otherwise , put yourself in that position.

There are strict rules against suicide in most religions , but this is not suicide.
You could see it as murder , but I would prefer to think of it as saving them .
After all , it sounds like torture keeping them alive , and very very selfish .

Remember if there is a good chance to save bring that person around and that they will have a good quality of life , then take it.
Otherwise , go with their wishes . and if they have no wishes then be a little selfless and think about it.}
Remember , husban /wife is next of kin , and if they were a stable couple(not going through a break up etc.) you have to let them be the ones to decide in absence of wishes.

PVS , ;) I imagine some of you will know what brought this up around here.
I can see the humanitarian and religious arguments and I can argue for both sides from all sides.
But to be honest , to me , I am of the opinion that it is morally fine to turn off the bloody machines .

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Journal Journal: Scrubs:Good show , one main flaw 5

The Music is so fricking awfull ... OK for me at least I really hate the Hip indy music .

Another thought .. Is it swearing if I say Kunt and Phuck but mean them to be spelt with the k and ph .
As their and they're are said the same but have different meanings .. so it is not swearing >:D

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Journal Journal: Synopsis : A film idea I had 12

The movie is in two parts :Part one deals with the John Blogs a man with severe memory loss
The movie starts with a man (No name yet) waking up in a morgue , he has severe memory loss . As he begins to piece together the parts of his memory , he discovers?(or does he) that he may have been cryogenically frozen over 200 years ago and assertions that he has woken up in a post apocalyptic society .
The world appears to be a perfect Utopia , but John seems to believe there is something not quite right and that everyone is being controlled somehow . His fears are apparently realised when he returns to the Morgue to see if they have any of his possessions , he discovers the body of a man partially autopsied who appears to have a robotic device attached to his heart(More on that later) . .
soon after he begins his search to find out the truth , whilst trying to remain inconspicuous in the world.
He manages to fall in with a group of Freedom fighters , who explain to him how over the course of 200 years , aliens have been abducting people and implanting control devices in various body parts,And that although people are apparently in living happy lives they are nothing more than mindless slaves.
They hatch a plot to destroy ,the now centralised UN government using a long abandoned Russian ICBM site .
In the conclusion of part one , they succeed in setting off the device and destroying the Occupational forces.

Part two The investigator .
Follows the investigations of a police Anti terrorism detective sent to track down the Freedom fighters and stop their plot .It is only then that it is revealed that the world is in fact a utopia. John Blogs is not a man from the past and simply a construction worker who suffered severe head trauma. The freedom fighter group is in fact just a bunch of Conspiracy nuts . The control devices they have discovered are merely pace makers mainly and devices designed to help epileptics . The group has been mainly isolationist for the last 50 years and has no idea of the medical advances and the only literature that was available to them having been conspiracy books form the late 1990's , believe they are the holders of the secret histories of the world suppressed by the Occupational government.
(Brief part , I really need to work on fleshing the story out more , but this is an outline

It culminates in the apparent destruction of the government and central computer networks(All computing is distributed by that time to reduce energy needs , though all data is thoroughly encrypted and private , people have total freedom and no government is spying on them) Throwing society into the distopia which they believed actually existed.
John begins to regain his memories soon after at the compound and comes to realise what they have done . The scene ends with him shooting himself caused by feelings of guilt at having destroyed society.
In actuality all they had succeeded in doing was denting the roof of the government building (The missile was inactive() and an earthquake had managed to knock out power to their base.

Society is still as it was , in it's utopian state and life remains as it has been for the last 100 years , near perfect harmonious utopia .

  A bit of a twisted comedy I see it . a nice twist on the Distopian genre .. anyone fancy actually fleshing it out >:D.I am a bit useless at that part .
Looks at shadow wrought the resident writer

User Journal

Journal Journal: Animal crossing wild world : anti music industry ! 7

Great game and if anyone wants to visit my town , just let me know >D
Also , I just discovered some great lines from the resident musician in the game "Those industry Fat cats try to charge for everything , but my Music want's to be Free "(As he gives you a bootleg of one of his songs)
Way to go Nintendo :D

User Journal

Journal Journal: 12 hour sleep 2

Went to sleep at 9:30 yesterday and woke up at 9:3- this morning .
I obviously need far too much sleep these days , I think I should persuade myself to get 8 only and see how I feel.
I got a lovely new jacket on Monday , whitish brown , double button affair .I look damned good in it if I do say so myself , well other people do also .
I was intending on getting a new leather jacket , but all they had was crap so I went with the white , I am persuaded it will go with a nice straw hat .. I am however banned from buying my own hats , I may be notoriously great at buying cool looking apparel , but I tend to screw up what hats I think suit me

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