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Journal Journal: The website

Well, I'm not going to bother holding off on releasing the prototype of my site. It's crap so far, but I really don't care, it's a prototype.

Here it is for anyone who cares.

I still have many things I need to implement and hopefully I'll keep up with it enough to finally do so.

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Journal Journal: Webpage (continued)

The bulk of the navigation work was completed a couple of days ago, however, the comment feature implementation has not yet begun. It is postponed until school is over (end of next week). After that I will post a link. Yes, even before I complete the prototype. Not that it matters to you, but I felt compelled to put this here because of my last entry.
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Journal Journal: Webpage

It appears that most of my entries will end up on my webpage (my new ones, anyway). I guess this is the transition period, and I'll probably end up throwing a link up here to the prototype as soon as I have all of the post system components finished (mostly just commenting and navigation).

Journal Journal: Veni, vidi, vici.

Sweet victory. I have conquered the problems set before me as I attempted to write a successful post script using PHP/MySQL. I have returned stronger from the failure I was dealt by a nearly identical project eight months ago.

The site is still a prototype, but it is nice to know that I have conquered all of my stupid mistakes and whatnot. I hope to have the prototype completed within the month (I've still got school and AP tests and all that stuff). Then I will proceed to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I will likely post a link to it as soon as the prototype is complete. It won't be anything terribly special, but it will be fairly efficient, practical, and functional. I will be pleased.

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Journal Journal: This Afternoon

I sent in my resumé today.

Tonight I eat hamburgers. I think I would not be the least bit upset if I had hamburgers or tacos every night of the week (though I would like to mix in pizza and steaks at some points).

I have class again tonight. I really need to get around to some more research for my project. Also, I need to get some more biology-related news article summaries together.

Anyway, all and all it was a good day with school not seeming to take as long as usual.

See Spot run.

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Journal Journal: Thoughts

Isn't it funny how much time we spend thinking about our thoughts?

I understand the sometimes good reasonings behind it, but that doesn't change how odd it is.

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Journal Journal: Hindsight

I disagree with the statement that "hindsight is 20x20." I used to think it was accurate, but the more I think about it, the less I think it is. Not to say that it never is, but it really isn't always 20x20 -- it is a very circumstance-oriented statement.
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Journal Journal: Calculus

If there's one thing that can ruin any dececnt day I'm having, it's calculus. I hate that class so much. Main reason is the obvious overabundance of fscking immaturity in there. Everyone is obnoxious and petty. Furthing it, for being the "smartest" kids in the school, they're a bunch of dumbasses; not all, just the overwhelming majority. It's really amazing when they try convincing the teacher that the integral of some made up function from one to negative one is the right way to do a problem which doesn't even want a definite answer.

Then there's one more thing that can really piss me off at school: walking in hallways. People need to learn how to walk. I am really tired of the morons who can't figure out how to keep going. I think the administration wouldn't be terribly distraught if I just decided to box one in the back of the head one day. For that matter, it seems like every day now someone smaller than me doesn't move over in the hall and just walks into me. Pretty dumb.


Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: Rebel Insignia

Tim is getting one as a tattoo.  That has to be the only tattoo I can endorse.  Well, maybe one more, but it requires the first one.  The Empire's cog on the other shoulder would be cool.

I'm not a tattoo man, though.  Here's the thing.  If I ever have to wear a tux again (hopefully never again), I am going to use Rebel insignia cuff links.  That'd be uber cool.  :-)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H;  s@@@@@@@#@@@@@@@@@@
@@@@@@@#;:&@@@@@@     5@@@@@@h;i#@@@@@@@
@@@@@A:  X@@##AH@i    H@H#@@@@5  S@@@@@@
@@@@i  :@@@@@S  ;3:  ,S,  A@@@@H  .h@@@@
@@#:  .@@@@@@#r   ..    ,X@@@@@@M   2@@@
@#:   r@@@@@@@@@:      X@@@@@@@@@:   3@@
@&    r@@@#@@@@@H.  ..r@@@@@@@@@@;   :B@
@X    :@@@@@@@@@#:.,,.r@@@@@@@#@@,.. .X@
#2     r@@@@@@@@2 .,,  &@@@@@@@#i ,, .S#
@&  .   ,5H@@B9r, ,:,. .SM###Ar: .,: :&@
@@; ,..          ..,,.          ,.,;:i@@
@@#;  ...       ,:,::,,.     .::;:,,r@@@
@@@@; ..., ,:,..,,,,,,,:,,,,:;;;,,:r#@@@
@@@@@@@G;. ...,,:;:::;:;;:;:.,,rH@@@@@@@
@@@@@@@@@#5;:.. .,.....   ,,rh@@@@@@@@@@

Journal Journal: Re:

All e-mail replies should be posted above the original message.

Journal Journal: Hanging in there

The end of the school year is presumably approaching rapidly. I think it's been many months overdue, but only now am I hearing it from outside sources. So teachers have been throwing assignments at me. I've got a lot of work to do before this year finally ends, but I don't know that I have enough left in me to get it all done. I'm tired of it and I realize how little most of it matters. (The first is the obvious problem.)

Hopefully, I'll manage to get by like I have been since middle school -- last minute and blah blah blah blah blah, I can't think anymore because someone won't stop talking to me.

Screw it, this entry has gone to crap. I'm going to go not do some work. Another movie sounds good about now.


Journal Journal: Battles outside video games

Talking to people about the things that matter to them proves one thing to me: we have many similar battles. The battles are not on the same fields, but they are over the same concepts. We fight the same enemies (on certain levels), the same notions, the same fears. We commonly fight reasonings. And these reasonings are impartial to the circumstances and the causes of our battles.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Mousepad and Prom

Today's been good to me. I went to school for one period -- calculus. Of course, during calculus all I did was hang out with all the people who were giddy about tomorrow's prom and go pick up my prom ticket. There were about eight of us in class. So, I went out for lunch with Justin and Justin. I guess it'll be a preview of tomorrow's breakfast. Anyway, later on I went to the mall, saw a bunch of my friends, and picked up my rental tux for tomorrow. But that's not all. I finally got a mousepad. I've had this computer since early February and I've been using the back of a pad of paper for a mousepad since then.

Tomorrow will be a good day, too. Getting breakfast at seven in the morning, then hanging out at Justin's and playing some Halo2, SSB, Doom, et cetera for a while. Later, I'll show up at Howard Park for prom pics with some friends (assuming I remember). I'm guessing the people who'll be there will be the ones I'll be having dinner with.

Next up will be my senior prom. It still feels like it should be a month away. I really don't care anything about it. It's one of those things that I'm going to for no good reason. I figure it's one of those things every senior has to do. Besides, it'll be my one high school dance (I had one in middle school I went to and one in elementary school). I'll probably end up cutting out early. Dances don't interest me very much and I'm only scheduled for one dance.

I'm undecided where to go afterwards. I've heard of a hotel party, a pool party type-thing, some movie plans. I don't know if I'll pursue any of the aforementioned, I may just end up getting another meal and then going home.

Regardless, I don't plan on doing anything stupid. Prom isn't an excuse to act stupid (at least not a good one, in my opinion). If I wanted to act like a dumbass, I could pick any or every other night of the year. So, I'll be avoiding the stupid stuff. What can I say? I don't need to make excuses to myself to do what I want to do.

So, why am I typing all of this? I just wanted to say that I have a mousepad. The rest was all just an excuse to type because I'm in the mood to type a lot (though not so much that I hate reading my own entry). I'd keep going if not for the fact that I've exhausted the subject. Later I may be motivated to write another entry up. Maybe it'll be on people and AIM.


Journal Journal: Taylor Series

I was actually excited about something during calculus today. I can't say that I recall the last time I looked forward to any part of that class. Probably the last time was when I was still outside of the calculus classroom in another room several months ago. (That sentence sucked.)

In class, we were working on Taylor series. I saw a great opportunity to write a program for my TI-89. I had it all mapped out in my head. I also was contemplating using TIGCC instead of just plain-old BASIC that's available for coding on the calculator. My bubble was promptly burst. A couple pages later in the series packet it was revealed that the TI-89 has a built in function for handling Taylor series. Well, here's to the last time I'll be excited about anything dealing with calculus class.

User Journal

Journal Journal: [Subject (This is required)]

I think I have problems with forgiveness. I'm not so great at it. Things take time for me to forgive. I don't mean forgive and forget, it's rare I forget, I mean forgive. I guess that it takes something fairly substantial to bother me. I tend to take most things in stride and just not let them get to me.

I'm not talking about anything specific, just in general -- something I need to work on.

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