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Comment Limited styles, Limited functions (Score 1) 330

I really like my smart watch (Samsung Gear s2 Classic). That said, my wife has gone through 3 different ones trying to find something that has some appealing style and functionality. She's pretty happy with her s2, but it's very 'sporty' looking. We both like the rotating bezel control for the Gear s2 series, but it only comes in 2 styles. Most of the other smart watches out there are a PITA to use. I really wish Samsung would open up their bezel control, because it is very easy to use. Honestly, the best feature I've found is that I get my notifications on my wrist. This means I don't ever have to take my eyes off the road to see what's just pinged me to see if it's something I need to pull over to deal with.

Comment Re:Explicit goal of the Democratic party system. (Score 2) 338

Just making sure I'm clear here. Because you volunteer your time, you have more right to determine who can be president of our nation than I do.

I'm an Independent, thankfully my state allows me to vote for whom I think will do the best for our Country, regardless of supporting a 'party'.

However, if I lived somewhere else, where I did not have that luxury; your vote would be worth more than mine.


Comment Re:Well of course fords going to care about the X (Score 1) 185

One of the big gaps in the EV Market - and one that Ford is ideal to capitalize on is the lack of any Pickups and Vans. Companies would probably love to be able to have an electric fleet that not only can carry equipment, but also power equipment if needed in the field.

Comment Re:Cover Art (Score 1) 119

Did that wish motivate you to be more involved with computers than you were?

Did you ever take any steps to turn your wish into reality?

Those early games and (promo) graphics were there to push us forward. To embrace, to learn, and to exceed what was done before us. And we have.

So did you wish, or did you do?

Comment Good first step - now for others (Score 1) 454

SourceForge has a hard row to hoe in this day of GitHub and BitBucket. That said, it also has deep roots in internet culture. You've taken a big first step, but I'd like to see you all do more.

@whiplash - Turn it into a valid competitor to those two others - it can be a money maker for you, if you can leverage it's history.

I would suggest branching out from that, and go from just source code repo to docker and vagrant repo. Make it a one-stop-shop for getting new projects off the ground. Partner with something like Digital Ocean (if possible) to make it their go to reference.

You've bought a dilapidated property in a hot part of town, revitalize it, and I think you can see it being a cash cow.

Comment How I got my start (Score 2) 119

I had that old 'Creepy Computer Games' book. I still might somewhere - I think I saw it in a box a couple of years ago.

That's really what got me excited about computers, and I remember being amazed that I could make the magic box do what I wanted it to.

I had so much fun playing Zork on my Sanyo MBC-555, that being able to actually make the computer do what I wanted, and to write my 'own' games on it, was just astounding.

I might have to go through it again. I doubt re-writing the behavior now would be more than a short exercise, but it might be interesting to see how it goes trying to translate them.

Submission + - Hillary Clinton Forwarded Classified E-Mail From John Kerry Private Account (

An anonymous reader writes: The latest batch of emails released from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's home brew personal email server includes an email (pdf) sent from then Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate foreign relations committee, using an unofficial account. As Hot Air notes, "The e-mail in question has four sections redacted in the body, two of which are explicitly marked as SECRET. The declassification date is 5/27/2036, exactly twenty-five years after the original transmission of the message — indicating that the information within it was classified at that time, not by the Inspector General or the State Department as a precaution on its discovery within the system." Hillary Clinton then forwarded that information to another person in the State Department. Also copied on the email was President Obama's National Security Adviser, which raises the questions of what did the White House know, and when did it know it?

Comment Clarification of Spying (Score 5, Insightful) 363

One of the things Bernie did worth noting is clearly stating what he means as spying:

"Spying" would include gathering metadata on calls made from official or personal phones, content from websites visited or emails sent, or collecting any other data from a third party not made available to the general public in the regular course of business?

Part of me thinks he has evidence of them engaging in something like that, much like Wyden asking Clapper about the wholesale collection effort. But with the clarification, and coming in written form, it makes a 'Not Wittingly' answer less liely (granted, Wyden did forewarm Clapper of the question, and did give his office time to change their answer afterwards).

Comment Technical solutions? (Score 3, Interesting) 513

I'm doing what I can on the social front (emailing and calling), but if (when) this does pass, what is the best way to route around the damage on a personal level?

We got a large number of suggestions for alternate providers with the GoDaddy debacle; can we get some suggestions of good international VPN / Proxy providers? Alternate suggestions for dealing with this?

Comment Costs of texting (Score 2) 519

If you figure that a lot of carriers charge around $0.10 / text, if someone has more than 21 friends in their phone, it'll cost more in messages charges than buying the app. Some vendors charge even more per text (which is a separate rant), so this could add up FAST.

I don't have a problem with that - heck I hope the author could find a way to get paid by those messages. But I could see some litigious asshat with 700 'friends' in their phone getting pissed when they get a huge bill.

If I was the author, I'd cap it at 21 friends - has all the effects of the shaming, but closely reflects the authors own stated value of the app.

Comment Re:Artificial scarcity (Score 1) 127

Have you ever bought anything from someone that produced it face to face? Because it really isn't about how 'expensive' it is, that's a given in the transaction - materials have cost. It's about the 'how much extra is this worth?'.

This guy is looking to make a profit, no doubt, but doing so by providing a service where the big telecoms have said there is no profit to be made. I hope he does well, and I hope he makes his way to NoVA (Northern Virginia) 'cause I'll sign up just to support diversity - even if I keep on with my higher level service.

What is profitable for a "Big Business" is gratuitous for most townships in the US of A. The margins most that business runs on at that level are so small that only the scale keeps them from falling apart. What do we get as the consumer? Cheap goods, crap support, but we get a great price from a locked in provider.

Hell, I love my FiOS, but I'd ditch it in a heart beat if someone local could give me similar speed and no Verizon tech support. Or billing dept. run around... Unfortunately, the entry cost is too high in the metro areas, so small companies have to start in the cracks...

tl;dr - Guy sees a market and is going for it where big business isn't. He must be evil.

Comment Re:Status Bar??? (Score 1) 537

^ This.

I like most of the interface, but I'm not happy about not being able to see where I'm going. We always have PDF warning here, and now my browser will no longer give me that same heads up when I'm clicking even a reasonably long link. If it was an option, that would be one thing, but not having a choice on this - it's making me mad.

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