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Comment Time to target those who contribute to Greenpeace? (Score 0) 252

I try to be a normal guy, but these special interest groups that keep terrorising companies needs to stop. Perhaps it is time to start the same to those that give any money to Greenpeace. I wonder how they would like it if say their lifeblood (cash) was suddenly under constant attack, and they had to focus on defending that as opposed to doing the work they want to do. They say they have 2.9 million people who give them money. Perhaps it is time to show the top donors... well how about all their donor and then companies can start to decide if they want to employee people like that.

Crazy world.


Comment Re:Good! (Score 2, Informative) 619

With all due respect. Are you crazy? New taxes are never the solution. Ever. This is like helping someone who is addicted to cocaine, more cocaine! How about this, they truely balance the budget first, then we can argue about how we should spend the money. You want new roads, awesome, then we cut social security, medicare and medicate. I am all for it! There is nobody on this planet that is as inefficient as our government and thus giving them more money is akin to being insane.. Their only solution to problems is to tax more, yet spending never really goes down.

Next you bring up building new roads in other countries. We somewhat agree on that one, but it sure is sad to see this administration snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Could you imagine if we actually took the oil, and sold it for a profit? Then again all those crazy nuts who said the war was about oil could scream that they were right.

Comment Re:in other words, 46% of americans are dumb (Score 0, Flamebait) 1359

So you use a similar argument that the minister who believes that all gays should be jailed, because they are mentally ill? Nice....

If you choose not to believe in God, then that is your choice. Granted, I would wonder where you morals come from, and given your post above I can draw some conclusions....

Comment Re:Whoever is responsible for this article (Score 1) 1258

No way, they are way too busy paying off their college debts that they got while taking some liberal arts degree that hasn't landed them any real job. They don't have time to post on Slashdot. Oh wait I forgot about the ones that still live in the mothers basement..... but then they didn't go to college because they didn't need it to do PHP development...

Comment Re:Whoever is responsible for this article (Score 1) 1258

Adam and Eve were the first, not the only. Pretty simple if you really think about it, but I guess you have to be analytical to do this kind of stuff :-)

I would have thought you would argue more about God creating the world in 6 days. I mean there are SO many more things that if you are a bible literalist then you could make better cases for.

Comment Re:Whoever is responsible for this article (Score 1) 1258

I am sorry for you because you must not have actually learned anything in those 12 years, and the priest obviously should not of confirmed you (assuming you are telling the truth). I also call you out on saying that "they told us we shouldn't apply those thinking skills to religion". Now the great thing about free will is that you have a choice and nothing more. I would argue that someone saying that you are analytical if you don't believe in religion is somewhat laughable. Should we reverse it and say that anyone who doesn't believe in religion is devoid of emotion? I mean aren't all truly analytical people emotionless?

I hope that you find your religion again, and I would ask you to really be analytical and think not just about the "how" (which should alone drive you to believe there is a God), but the "why".

Good luck, and you know the old saying "There are on atheist in foxholes". :-)

Comment Re:Whoever is responsible for this article (Score 1) 1258

It is because God gave mankind free will. So in your specific example the Pharaoh had a choice. How intelligent are we humans compared to ants? Now how intelligent is God compared to humans? There is a reason it is called FAITH, and not FACT, so it would be impossible for anyone to prove or disprove Gods existence. To think that we fully understand Gods will would be more absurd than expecting an ant to know our thoughts. However, it is known to Christians that God obviously loves us because of what he did for us.

On a side note, I would also say another observation is what types of people and families would you want to be a part of. Those that follow the teachings of the Bible or those that don't? Which side seems happier and more content with life?

Now for those that don't believe in any form of Religion, where exactly does your morals come from? I don't ask this to be a cynical, I am just curious. I mean if you could kill a person and society didn't care, but rewarded it for you, would it be ok? If not why?

Comment Re:So both and get it done! (Score 1) 954

I am sure you will get many other responses but I will try and put both sides view on this:

Republicans - Yes they would vote for yet another tax increase but the spending cuts must be done first and they must be significant. The entitlement programs make up well over 50% of the entire budget and that is where the real cuts must be made. Time and time again tax increases have been agreed to, with cuts promised later but they never get implemented. This time the voters are holding them to do the cuts first.

Democrats - The would vote for some cuts in spending but Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security are off the table. They want a tax increase first and then the cuts will come at a later time. They believe that the American people are sold on the idea that the rich are not paying their fair share and they will win more seats in next years election by standing firm.

There in lies the problem. In my opinion we need a firm balanced budget amendment to the Constitution to force people to make the hard decisions. That and we need to move our election day to late April.


Comment 10+ Circles (Score 4, Insightful) 126

The 10th Circle of Hell is when upper management believes that outsourcing everything will save them money and time.

The 11th circle of Hell is when someone in a high place reads a magazine and decides that the entire company needs to head off in some "new" direction.

The 12th circle of Hell is partnering with Microsoft.

The 13th circle of Hell is partnering with Microsoft.

The 14 circle of Hell is replacing the guy who partnered with Microsoft.

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