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Submission + - Whitehouse Petition to sell Texas to pay off US Debt. (

FatLittleMonkey writes: Amidst the flood of petitions on behalf of States demanding to be allowed to secede from the US, inevitably came the trolls suggesting that the US at least make some money out of the deal. Sell Texas to Mexico and use the money to pay down the US debt. Still in single digits at time of writing, but well worth supporting for the lulz.

Submission + - What is China planning on January 11? (

An anonymous reader writes: China's superstitious military has shown a fondness for dramatic military announcements on January 11 because it's a "lucky" day. Analysts are expecting another one this year.

Submission + - Technology to Empower the Users (

UnixTech writes: "With users giving more and more power to governments and corporations, what can one do to take some of that power back? This article takes a look at just a few ways to do just that."

Submission + - Sea Shepherd using drones to find whalers (

FatLittleMonkey writes: Anti-whaling protesters, Sea Shepherd, are using aerial drones to find and the track factory ship used by Japanese whalers. The group claims the tactic shortened the Japanese whaling season last year by a month and 200 whales, and this year they've spotted the factory ship even earlier. Heroes, dicks, or geeks?

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