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Comment Left out one kinda important point (Score 1) 917

Yeah, that's great, until you remember that in the entire history since Malthus humanity has never had any competition -- all the jobs went to humans. When we invent AIs, that will no longer be the case.

I'm sorry you (and so many other humans) are utterly incapable of imagining a world in which they are no longer the top of the employment food chain.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 917

"incentivize productivity"

How are you going to do that when AIs are more productive than humans? No matter what job you try to do, your "productivity" will be negative.

Go ahead, laugh at this inevitability, just like the buggy whip makers laughed at the horseless carriages.

Comment Re:The source isn't important (Score 1) 493

Translation: I believe whatever I read, as long as it supports my existing beliefs.

Here's a test: "Trump is a murderer." There, to do you believe that? Remember, the source of that claim is "completely irrelevant".

Ah, what's the point? You can't argue logic with Trumpies.

Comment Classic load of Republican projection. (Score 0) 493

Trump lies constantly.
Trump will make the deficit grow like crazy.
Trump will make the tax system even more stacked in his own favor.

So of course you have to project all of those sins onto Hillary.

And nice job trying to spin away the fact that Trump bragged about habitual sex crimes. Must be somebody else's fault, right?

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