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Journal Journal: shit for brains mod bomber

Mod bomber and his sock puppet accounts still at it, of course only posts as AC gutless fucking american moron. Still get mod point so I can mod down violent deluded american fuckers often. :)

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Journal Journal: Poor old mod bomber 1

Just cant get me out of excellent karma no matter how hard he tries. What a pathetic little micro dick you are-go right ahead and waste more mod points, I really couldnt give a flying fuck about!

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Journal Journal: Piss weka stalking mods. 10

Well it appears I have some pathetic moron running around modding down everything I post. Whoever you are you will never make a ding in my mountain of karma so why not stop abusing the mod system and get a fucking life you piece of shit.

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Journal Journal: Ac trolls 2

An AC most amusingly tried to troll me today.

It was the most piss weak effort you can imagine. (see posting history)

His big thing is adding douche to someones name!

He was repeatedly posting copy pasta garbage due to his feud with another poster, clone something or other (Neither of them posted anything much worth reading, but at least clone was logged in)

Pretty regulation stuff when I responded, went around to my posting history and tried to piss me off with silly abusive posts.

Ironically, I work in Primary Schools so I am used to pre pubescent children mouthing off, water off a ducks back!

At least I got a few laughs, there is nothing like a poor attempt at trolling for a few laughs.

I wonder though why anyone would bother though, too much time on their hands perhaps?

It is a pity we have to waste mod points on such people but I guess that is part of what they are for. I prefer to mod up if possible

but don't mind modding idiots like this away into the hidden zone.

It did however provide some amusement on a rainy Adelaide day!

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Journal Journal: The Powerbook of the dark side 1

Beware the PowerBook of dark side.

Yes, I am typing this on an Aluminium G4 PowerBook.

It was given to me a couple of weeks ago, without power supply and hard drive. I didn't think I would ever bother fixing it. But yesterday I was bored and picked it up.

I had a older G4 400mhz PowerBook in my junk(Thought it was stuffed but turned out the powers supply cable was broken internally, so I swapped the (10 gig) drive, fixed the power supply cable and fired it up.
To my delight it is a 1.5ghz power PC with 1gig RAM.

Now I have always had a somewhat jaundiced view of macs,
but this thing is damn seductive-despite my past statements, this thing feels really nice. Well built,
reasonable performance(Apart from regular crashes of Firefox). DVD super drive etc.

So it seems I just joined the elitist minority!

The most convincing thing is that I can type without making a huge number of typo's, it seems to ease the dislexia that normally drives me nuts. The thing has such a nice keyboard!

There is of course a downside, the lack of a right mouse button, why the hell don't they have them?

Scrolling from the side of the touch pad is not available either, which is a great pity as it would make this a killer machine from an operational point of view.

Now I am in a quandry. Sitting next to me is my Dell Precision M70, a really fast centrino based machine.
Just next to that is an Latitude X300 ultraportable.
I could sell them and just use the mac, but what would my friends say? Especially those who are mac users who are sure to stick it right up me if I turn up with a mac.(Cause I have been so caustic about mac in the past.

Damn these smooth seductive curves, and the alloy finish, I have been seduced by the Powerbook of the dark side!

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Journal Journal: Karma

I read Slashdot for a long time before creating an account.

Then I got my first account into bad karma after 6 months. So I started all over and tried to be a little more objective and moderate-not much more though..

And today, blow me down with t a feather, I have got excellent karma.


Makes me wonder if being more moderate in general might be a good idea......Nah. (-:


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Journal Journal: mod points

Holy cow- I got mod points for the first time ever!

Now all I have to do is not annoy the US gun nuts and the mactards from this account, and I could get them again.

Best thing I ever did having 2 user accounts!

Now time for some modding-ahh sweet revenge. mwuhahahah

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Journal Journal: Karma

I dont believe it- Despite the best efforts of the mactards and gun nuts I have staggered back up to neutral karma!

Not that I give a flying fuck ya know, but I was genuinely surprised.

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