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Comment Emergency Comunication (Score 1) 435

Why are so many of you worried about emergency communication? If you were really concerned you would get ham radios and learn how to use radio nets. During Katrina I was sending and receiving messages and in some cases even directly talking to my relatives in the affected area over the 20 and 60 meter bands. Land lines are not good in emergencies, they are pretty much a waste of copper and a hold over from the days before fiber. We use it because its there, we use it because there are no install costs, when the install costs of fiber come down, copper and POTS will go the way of the BBS. Some people may still use them, and they are novelty, but they waste time when compared to the new technology. We should embrace progress. Also one more note, The vo-coders are the problem with the cellphones, the land line is still digital its just got a higher quality vo-coder. Soon we will have more cellphone bandwidth and we can use more pipe per call for voice, we just have to demand better sound quality in our phones and let our dollars speak. If we keep buying mediocre products there is no incentive to change them.

Submission + - Is HHO technology by Aquygen legitimate?

Mr_Blank writes: Does "HHO" (water) technology by Aquygen really work?:

Aquygen(TM), also known as HHO gas, is already providing value in commercial use for: Fusing, Brazing, Cutting, Welding, Soldering, and Heating. Our H2O 1500 Aquygen(TM) Gas Generator produces the gas from water in a uniform, consistent flow. It can be used to fuse pieces of aluminum and other metals or to braze faster than traditional two-gas methods while requiring only one gas. Steel cutting is more fuel-efficient and 30% faster than traditional methods. Aquygen(TM) has numerous advantages over oxyacetylene, including improved safety and versatility in working with multiple materials. It even makes possible new artistic techniques. Wondering when someone will finally put a hydrogen-powered car on the road? We've done it twice. As seen on Fox news and CNN, our patent-pending Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System (HHOS) generates Aquygen(TM) gas as you drive, typically enhancing the fuel-efficiency of a traditional gasoline or diesel engine 25-30%.

Submission + - YouTube video-fingerprinting due in September (

Tech.Luver writes: "theRegister reports," a company lawyer told the presiding judge that its YouTube video-sharing site would unveil a long-delayed video recognition system this fall, "hopefully in September." According to the lawyer, Philip Beck, the system will be as sophisticated as fingerprinting technology used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Associated Press reports. Google's Philip Beck said the system would require help from copyright holders. Once a holder provides a particular piece of content, the system will generate a fingerprint capable of identifying it. Then, if anyone tries to upload the content to YouTube, the site will shutdown "within a minute or so" on the user's machine. ""

Submission + - Cheapest way to UK Vista is through WGA

An anonymous reader writes: Details of Windows Vista's UK prices can be found here fm?newsid=7668 According to techworld Vista Prices are significantly marked up in the UK compared to the US, as much as 80% for some versions. Ironically in the UK apart from buying abroad, and hoping customs doesnt add VAT to your order... the cheapest way to get a legal copy of Vista in the UK is to first get WGA to flag your copy of XP as illegal. Then UK users can purchase legitimate copies of XP for about £53 for the XP Home version and £92 for the XP Pro version. oft-increases-checks From Here they can download the form for an upgrade for only £10 E9D-2DCF-4552-ADE3-68C02F0938E8/unitedkingdom.pdf That means the total for Vista Home Basic = £63 Vista Bussiness = £102 Still expensive by US standards but cheaper than buying from a UK retailer.

Submission + - Cuba Online

ambanmba writes: The Sydney Morning Herald is running an interesting story about an all-Cuban search engine which among other things lets you trawl through all of Fidel Castro's speeches. The article also has some interesting stats on Internet connectivity on the island. Apparently the island's only link is a "costly satellite channel with only 65 megabytes per second (mbps) for upload and 124 mbps for for download" so please go easy on it.

The Future of Packaging Software in Linux 595

michuk writes "There are currently at least five popular ways of installing software in GNU/Linux. None of them are widely accepted throughout the popular distributions. This situation is not a problem for experienced users — they can make decisions for themselves. However, for a newcomer in the GNU/Linux world, installing new software is always pretty confusing. The article tries to sum up some of the recent efforts to fix this problem and examine the possible future of packaging software in GNU/Linux."

Submission + - Linus fires latest shot in GNOME Wars

AlanS2002 writes: " is reporting that Linus Torvalds is putting his money where is mouth is after a recent dispute between him and the Gnome developers in which he encouraged people to use KDE instead of Gnome. Linus had previously claimed that Gnome developers treat users like idiots in not allowing the user to more fully configure desktop functionality. So Linus has submitted some patches to help remedy this."

Submission + - CompUSA Gives Customer 4+ Month Run-around

Andy writes: "I've had an ongoing...adventure...with CompUSA's repair and customer service departments for the last four months, the short version of which is that — two years in a row — they damaged my laptop while repairing it (this second time more than once!) and are dragging their feet in responding to me and replacing the computer their service center damaged. I've tried to handle it privately for four months, but at this point, I'm running out of options and hope that Slashdot can help bring some attention to my troubles and turn the heat up on CompUSA a bit so they'll do the right thing!

In October 2005 I brought my Sony laptop to them for service, and it came back with all the case screws in the wrong places, causing physical damage to the case and a big loose gap in the front edge. Then, a year later, they again returned my laptop to me with incorrect screws, and with a wad of tape wedged between the keyboard and the cooling fan!

That started a saga, still ongoing, with more missing screws, a heat-related video problem, a damaged hinge cover, missing protective covers for the LCD's screws, and four months of broken promises, abysmal customer disservice, and lack of returned calls on all levels from the local store's tech services manager, operations manager, and GM up to the corporate manager of customer service and chief of escalation.

I've posted my story on my blog at (posts are in reverse order, since it's a blog!)

Please help me spread my story, and hold CompUSA responsible for mistreating their customers like this!

— Andy

P.S.-For futher episodes of CompUSA being involved in grossly mishandling repairs, see 5"

Submission + - Journalist arrested for taking photo of CT Governo

reub2000 writes: Journalist Ken Krayeske was arrested for taking a photograph of Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell during a parade. Krayeske a pacifist, was on a list of "potential troublemakers" and his photo had been sent to cops on the parade route.

Submission + - Scanning Ajax for XSS Entry Points

An anonymous reader writes: Ajax code loaded in browser can have entry points to XSS and it is the job of the security analyst to identify these entry points. It is difficult to decisively conclude that possible entry points to an application can be exploited. One may need to do a trace or debug to measure the risk of these entry points. This paper introduces you to a quick way to identify XSS entry points in an application.

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