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Comment Re:my pet hate (Score -1) 519

Oh spare me your bombastic pomposity, you knob-knuckled, change
jingling, bulbous lipped, shulgus wearing, furled guinous. Just stop
speaking. Nothing escapes your drooling, gaping maw but gibberish, you
are unintelligible, your sense went swirling away with the rinse

You have no business interacting with the conscious, your very
presence gives monkeys headaches. I can't believe that diminuitive,
dried up peach pit that rattles around in the space where a normal
human's brain should be is able to direct your palsied and wasted
limbs to achieve locomotion.

Your very personage is abhorrent to see in daylight. You ears are
blue-veined and freakish horrors of aerodynamics, your forehead has
creases so deep they are a haven for unclassified flora and fauna of
mysterious origin.

Each wheezing breath you take uses oxygen that by rights would be
better utilized by an autistic chimpanzee, and each exhalation fouls
the air with so vile a stench as to bring birds crashing down dead
from defoliated trees.

You wompler, you fraldersnash, you eater of curried laundry lint. You
have the audacity to daily inflict your existence on the innocent
people of this planet. HOW can you stand to be you?

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