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Comment Attacking for gold... (Score 2, Informative) 30

First of all, this is an alias. My FOC name is the same as my usual Slashdot name. I don't think it would be wise to post all of the details that I'm about to give under that regular login because any FOC player who happens to wander onto Slashdot (or enter my name and the text "FOC" into a Google search) could find out more than I'd want them to know.

Also, to save those non-FOC players who read my journal from being bored to death by FOC-related entries, I'm going to make most of my FOC posts any FOC JEs I might write using this new account. If you want to read them, then add this account to your friends list. That way, when I come up with another insightful discovery you'll find out right away.

Anyhow, on with the info.

This is the result of an attack against a player who had an army over three times my size and who was a few hundred places above me in the rankings. His fortifications at the time were "Rabid Pitbulls" and he had just over 100,000 gold in his account when I attacked. Here's what happened:
Battle Report

Your soldiers march onto the battlefield

Your generals report on your army's status:
20 of your soldiers are trained attack specialists
64 of your army consists of untrained soldiers

6 of your trained soldiers receive weapons and 14 are weaponless
2 are given a Excalibur
1 are given a Steed
3 are given a Broadsword

None of your 64 untrained soldiers have weapons
Your field scouts report on the status of the enemy:
The enemy has all 7 trained soldiers with weapons

None of the enemy's 265 untrained soldiers have weapons

Both sides charge!
Your army strikes!

Your troops inflict 31,248 damage on the enemy!
The enemy sustains 4 casualties!

XXX's forces counter-attack and inflict 25,187 damage on your army!
Your army sustains 1 casualties!

1 General Soldiers were killed in action.

Your generals report on your weapon damage:
Excalibur All were used
None were found to be sabotaged
Weapon strength went from 2,560 to 2,560
Steed All were used
None were found to be sabotaged
Weapon strength went from 640 to 639
Broadsword All were used
None were found to be sabotaged
Weapon strength went from 160 to 159

You trounced the enemy!
As XXX's army runs from the battlefield you examine the collected spoils:
You stole 99,657 gold from XXX!
You return to camp, your troops elated from your glorious victory.
In other words, with one 15-turn attack, I practically cleaned him out. (Oh, in case you're wondering, let me poin out that XXX isn't his real name. I'll also point out that my next attack with the same Strike Action did 51,235 damage to the enemy: clearly damage done isn't static and fluctuates semi-randomly.)


It's clear to me from experimentation that I've done that:

1. If you attack someone who has more units than you then you will get far more gold than if you attack someone with exactly the same defense but who has less units than you; and

2. The more turns you use, the higher proportion of a defender's gold you will get.


Once you've chosen your target, here's how to attack, FOCWarrior style:

Always check the defender's stats just before you attack. And by just before you attack, I mean just before you attack.

Open up two browser tabs/windows, have his profile page in one and the attack page in another. Refresh the profile page to make sure that the gold is still there and he hasn't just spent it all or been cleared out by somebody else and if all is good, immediately attack him via the page that you had already set up in the other tab/window. Any time you waste between checking his status and hitting him is time that could cost you a lot of money.

Similarly, if you're about to hit someone and expect a big payout, have other browser tabs/windows open with your Armory, Training, etc pages. As soon as you get that gold, you've become the big, fat juicy target, so the quicker you spend that gold the better.

Do it right and you check someone out, hit them for a big stack and have it all spent in less than a minute.

Attacking Notes

1. A few big, powerful weapons are much better offensively than lots of smaller, no-so-powerful weapons. After I converted my arsenal to Excaliburs and Steeds (the Human names for the top two most powerful weapons) my Offensive Action went up dramatically, and the actual damage I did in battle went up by an even greater magnitude.

Obviously, the more damage you do in battle the greater your chances of winning. And you can't take someone's gold without besting them first.

The downside to this strategy is that once Sabotage is reintroduced to the game this becomes riskier, as once a weapon is sabotaged it can't be repaired. Right now, Sabotage is disabled, so it's not an issue, and when it comes back repairing sabotaged items might be possible.

I can't stress that that's only a possibility strongly enough. If you don't like taking risks, don't rush into putting all your eggs into one basket as I have done.

2. Buy mercanaries before you attack people. Not too many, but enough to cover your potential combat losses.

Once the damage that you and your opponent start dishing out becomes high enough, combat will leave one or both of you with fatalities. If you have mercenaries, then any dead you lose in battle will come from their ranks before the ranks of your regular units. Mercanaries don't earn you gold, regular units o, so look upon mercanaries as cheap human shields for your men.

Loosing mercenaries is acceptable, loosing regulars isn't.

3. Have your weapons fully repaired before you go into combat. The better their condition, the better you'll do.

Note that if you have a lot of one type of weapon it can be cheaper to repair them by buying more of the same weapon one at a time. Each time you buy a weapon, the strength of those weapons of that type that you already possess will rise by at least a point, regardless of how many you already own.

Whether or not this "buy to repair" is more economic than straightforward repair depends on the weapon type and the number that you already possess. You've got a calculator, so if in doubt, use it.

OK, that's all my pearls of wisdom right now. You all owe my big time. Perhaps when this beta ends you'll all become my officers or at least make sure you click on my link daily.

Good luck and good hunting.

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