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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - 1UP Goes Hands-on With Spore

An anonymous reader writes: At the Leipzig Games Convention 1UP was able to get its hands on Spore for the very first time and delivered some great impressions. The game is apparently entirely finished and EA is using the rest of the time before its release to polish it. "Almost immediately I realize just how overwhelming this can be. Why? Because I have to be willing to concede that experimentation is simply part of the game... Unlike, say, a Nintendo Mii, the choices I make aren't merely cosmetic — they ultimately greatly affect my gameplay...I'm facing creatures I'm not ready to experience quite yet and I need to back off. But it's then that it occurs to me: I'm interacting with creatures that other people have created (obviously better than I have)...I've experienced so much — I've gotten such a great taste for the game — and yet I realize I haven't even scratched its surface."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Safari Made Me Go Blind (

MojoKid writes: The essential difference between Microsoft and Apple as corporate entities with wildly differing worldviews is being highlighted by the release of Apple'sSafari browser for use on Windows machines. Some new users report that they have trouble reading the text on a Safari presented page. No, Safari didn't make you go blind; although eventually maybe it might, who knows?

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