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America Online

Submission + - Does An e-Mail Address Really Matter? 3

theodp writes: Over at the Chicago Tribune, freelance writer Nancy Anderson makes an embarrassing confession. It's 2010 and she still has an AOL e-mail address. 'You've got to get rid of that AOL address,' her publicist sister told her five years ago. 'It's bad for your image.' Image, shmimage, Anderson thought. 'If I do good work,' she asks, 'does my e-mail address really matter?' Good question. Would an AOL e-mail address — or another 'toxic' e-mail address — influence your decision to hire someone?

Submission + - Smart Neuroscientist Stupid in Love 2

theodp writes: The mystery man who breached security at Newark Airport last weekend, shutting down a major terminal for six hours, is a mystery no more. Haisong Jiang, a neuroscientist-in-training at Rutgers who allegedly slipped under a security ribbon inside Terminal C to share a kiss with a woman before she caught her flight, was taken into custody by Port Authority police and charged with defiant trespass. Looks like sneaking past security to steal a kiss doesn't play too well outside of Love Actually.

Submission + - Need: Fake Polaroid Paper ( 1

RecycledElectrons writes: I've seen images that look like polaroids on the web, and anyone can GIMP one up. My question is not about a fake that can be seen on a PC. My question is: Where can I get inkjet or laser paper that looks like old Polaroid Instant Film? I'd love to drop a photo of bigfoot into mom's yellowstone vacation album.
Operating Systems

Submission + - iPhone OS 3.1 Problems

Haladir writes: "Since iPhone OS 3.1 was released on Wednesday 9/9, a large number of iPhone (original) and iPhone 3G users who upgraded have reported various problems. Some users have bricked phone, others (like me) are experiencing random phone shutdowns, freezes, and sudden total battery drain. Here's a link to the Apple support forum describing such incidents."

Submission + - Beyond Trust Warns that UAC is Still Broken. ( 2

twitter writes: "Enterprise users looking for a reason to upgrade from XP will be disappointed with Windows 7 security issues. BeyondTrust, a Least Privilege Management provider for Windows, warns that UAC changes are ineffective and not up to Federal regulations.

Despite growing CSO and CISO recognition of the need to deploy end-users as standard users, and requirements by the Federal Government for the removal of administrator rights under the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) mandate, Windows 7 includes no significant changes to UAC for standard users.

"For enterprises, there is little benefit to the changes to User Account Control in Windows," said John Moyer, CEO of BeyondTrust. "Windows 7 introduces cosmetic changes to reduce the prompts that plagued Vista, but it does nothing to fix the underlying productivity and usability problems for standard users... Windows 7`s UAC slider puts end-users in charge of the security decision of what to run with administrative privileges, which is essentially an invitation for malicious users, hackers and malware."

It is amazing that Microsoft can not do what Unix and every gnu/linux distribution has done for decades, provide real user privilege separation. Where these are provided, it is easy to add GUI front ends like kdesu, so that authentication is simple and painless for the few times it is needed."

The Internet

Submission + - How 136 people became "7m illegal file-sharers ( 5

Barence writes: "The British Government's official figures on the level of illegal file sharing in the UK come from questionable research commissioned by the music industry. The Radio 4 show More or Less examined the Government's claim that 7m people in Britain are engaged in illegal file sharing. The 7m figure actually came from a report written about music industry losses for Forrester subsidiary Jupiter Research — that report was privately commissioned by none other than the music trade body, the BPI. The 7m figure had been rounded up from an actual figure of 6.7m, gleaned from a 2008 survey of 1,176 net-connected households, 11.6% of which admitted to having used file-sharing software — in other words, only 136 people. That 11.6% was adjusted upwards to 16.3% "to reflect the assumption that fewer people admit to file sharing than actually do it." The 6.7m figure was then calculated based on an estimated number of internet users that disagreed with the Government's own estimate. The wholly unsubstantiated 7m figure was then released as an official statistic."

Submission + - Japan's New First Lady Abducted by Aliens 1

The Narrative Fallacy writes: "The Independent reports that Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Japan's Prime Minister-elect, Yukio Hatoyama, is a lifestyle guru, a macrobiotics enthusiast, an author of cookery books, a retired actress, and says she has traveled to the planet Venus abducted by aliens. Hatoyama made her claim in a book entitled "Very Strange Things I've Encountered" when she said she was abducted by aliens while she slept one night 20 years ago. "While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus," Hatoyama explains. "It was a very beautiful place, and it was very green." The new Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is a multi-millionaire and the fourth generation of his family to rise to the top of the Japanese political world. His appearance is unconventional by rigid Japanese standards: his hair is unruly and he rejects the navy uniform of the political world in favor of suits of brown and moss green. "It is this refusal to bow to convention, as well as his tendency to drop conversation-stopping remarks — like his call, during the election campaign, for a "politics full of love" — that long ago led other Japanese politicians to dismiss him as an uchujin, an alien," writes the Independent. Though not, presumably, the one who took Miyuki to Venus."

Submission + - Seven Strange Things (That Science Can't Explain) (

Fluffeh writes: "What's seven cool things that no-one seems to be able to really explain, yet at the same time are either witnessed by scores of people or have been observed in a scientific manner? What do you get when you combine humor in writing with creepy things that are going on around us?

What would you do if you were walking along a tropical river at night and it suddenly began burping up egg-sized balls of red light? It happens every year in October along the Mekong river (the same one featured in classic Vietnam movies like Rambo II and the flashbacks from Rambo III). The phenomenon is known as the Naga Fireballs, and experts agree that it is "just weird as shit."
What happens is this: starting under water, tens to thousands of glowing red lights are seen rising out from the bottom of the river, then lifting hundreds of feet into the sky before disappearing.

Read the rest of the article to find out."


Submission + - Psystar begins deposing Apple executives (

jbezorg writes: Psystar lawyers have begun deposing Apple executives in the copyright infringement lawsuit brought by Apple last year, the Mac clone maker announced.

Surprisingly, it seems that Psystar executives are actually enjoying themselves. In a Thursday post on its Web site called "A taste of their own medicine," Psystar seems to gloat over the fact it is now deposing several Apple executives. "For the past week and for the following ten days we will be doing depositions of some of Apple's highest level people. After numerous depositions of Psystar employees and associates the shoe is finally on the other foot, oh the joy!"

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