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Submission + - GPS horror stories

An anonymous reader writes: Three girls and their aunt have ended up at the bottom of a lock near Kingston, Ontario. story

My first reaction is to wonder if they were using GPS. There have been lots of stories about GPS leading trucks down roads that were never intended for trucks. I haven't heard stories about people being led astray by inaccurate GPS but I don't see why that isn't also a possibility.

So, my question is: What are your GPS horror stories? Have you been led astray, with disasterous (or comical) consequences?

Submission + - Pirate Party Coming to Canada (

An anonymous reader writes: After scoring a surprise electoral win in Sweden and getting high-profile support in Germany, The Pirate Party is coming to Canada. The party's goals are fairly simple. People should have the right to share and copy music, movies and virtually any material, as long as it is for personal use, not for profit. It opposes government and corporate monitoring of Internet activities, unless as part of a criminal investigation. It also wants to phase out patents.

Linux Patch Clears the Air For Use of Microsoft's FAT Filesystem 272

Ars Technica is reporting that a new kernel patch may provide a workaround to allow use of Microsoft's FAT file system on Linux without paying licensing fees. "Andrew Tridgell, one of the lead developers behind the Samba project, published a patch last week that will alter the behavior of the Linux FAT implementation so that it will not generate both short and long filenames. In situations where the total filename fits within the 11-character limit, the filesystem will generate only a short name. When the filename exceeds that length, it will only generate a long name and will populate the short name value with 11 invalid characters so that it is ignored by the operating system."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Bioshock full of DRM: PC Gamer editor locked out

An anonymous reader writes: it appears that 2K Interactive have added DRM to the much anticipated Bioshock which requries on-line activation and limits you to two installs. In theory you gain an install back when you uninstall, but this is not currently working.

From the PCGamer blog
"So we installed on one machine, then uninstalled and installed on another with no problems. So far, so good. I got in about an hour of play time, but I do the majority of my game playing at home, where I've got my heavy-duty gaming rig set up, so I was really looking forward to bringing it home with me. I uninstalled the game from my work machine and happily headed home...but when I got there and went to activate, I was stopped dead by a failure message that informed me I'd installed with this code one time too many. What... the... $%~&!"

This DRM is NOT mentioned on the packaging of the game, or the EULA. How far do they think they can push their paying customers when they pull crap like this?
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Bioshock DRM Causes Massive Outcry (

Dr Kool, PhD writes: "The PC DVD version of Bioshock is loaded with DRM like no other game ever released, and the outcry has reached critical mass. PC Gamer editors are reporting that they are not able to install and activate the game more than twice, even when previous copies are uninstalled. Thousands of complaints from frustrated buyers have flooded 2K Games' official Bioshock forum. The game uses a new version of the rootkit SecuROM to do its dirty deeds."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Bioshock reviews are rapturous

RamblinLonghorn writes: The reviews for Bioshock are pouring in. With a metacritic score of 97%, the gaming press is united in their praise of the game. Gamasutra summarizes the finer points of the game and lists some of the reviewer's complaints.

Take Two Interactive Software stock, already reeling from the GTA IV delays, gained nearly 10% on Tuesday. Is Bioshock's critical praise and success a turning point for the embattled Take Two? How strong will Bioshock sell compared to other AAA titles set for release soon?
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - EA Spore finished

xtracto writes: Spore is finished. That's the first thing I learn as I head in to my play session at the Leipzig Games Convention. Obviously, the game isn't finished finished (as in ready to ship), but in terms of its content offering, it's all there — the game is complete. At this point, EA is spending the next several months paying attention to feedback from players to tweak and polish Spore for its release next Spring. But otherwise, it's done.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - PC owners get Bioshock, draconian new DRM system (

igorthefiend writes: Kotaku ( and others ( =5527) are reporting that the PC version of Bioshock is loaded with new DRM from Securom which limits users to just two installs.

2K are saying that if users come up against the limit they should contact Securom — but Securom are referring people back to 2K according to NoFrag.

Where does this leave the doctrine of first sale? Is this ushering in a new era of restrictive protection on AAA titles?

Portables (Games)

Submission + - Universal PSP Unbricker Released

wamerocity writes: "One of the biggest if not THE BIGGEST development in the PSP hacking scene has just unfolded."

A new homebrew app, lovingly referred to as "Pandora's Battery" has surfaced as a joint effort between the most noted PSP Homebrew devs, team Noobz, C + D, and homebrew god Dark_Alex. This app, allows ANY homebrew enabled PSP to turn any regular PSP battery into the famed "jigkick" battery, (the method Sony uses to unbrick warrantied PSP) and in conjunction with a small program on the memory stick, it can restore it to the celestial homebrew-friendly 1.5 firmware.

As a sidenote, the newly-created jigkick battery can no longer be used as a normal battery, so a new one should be purchased first.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Hands-on Spore 1

Dr. Eggman writes: has the exciting news, Spore is content finalized and moving into to tweak and polish phase! What's more, they were able to give a hands-on preview; the first of its kind outside of EA. Sam Kennedy was allowed to evolve his cellular creature up into the top of the ocean before finally flopping onto land. From there, he continued to evolve his creature to the point of simple communication, before his time was up.

Submission + - Wii caught the xbox 360

LucidLion writes: As reported here and according to the vgchartz, in less than a year the Wii has overtaken the XBox 360 and has become the fasted selling console ever. From the article:

The news marks the first time that Nintendo has been the leader in both the home console and handheld markets since 1994 when the company's Super NES and Game Boy lines reigned supreme. Currently, the DS and Wii are the top two selling system's in the industry.
With the way it's selling, any drought in Wii games probably won't last long.

Submission + - Uwe Boll responds to Wired Postal review

rar writes: "A few days ago Slashdot reported on a critical review of Uwe Boll's Postal movie in Wired. Upset by the negative review, Uwe has now decided to respond in his usual direct tone (some might even call it inflammatory); and the ensuing email exchange with Wired's Chris Kohler makes for a quite entertaining read. To balance the reporting, it can be noted that not everyone shares Chris' dislike for the movie."
United States

Submission + - Box Building Factories: Where are they?

panmediatic writes: So I was playing my XBox yesterday and I got to wondering: where are all the parts for this thing made? I started doing a little research and got real interested in factories for circuit board assembly (otherwise known as box-building factories). Are they in the US? Somewhere else? Where? I was wondering if people knew where some of the major factories are (with maybe websites or something) and what games for what game/hardware/console platforms are being manufactured. My hope is to find out about most of the major games out right now: where are they coming from anyway? Thanks for your help in advance!
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - World of Warcraft Guild Rating (

jabskeeterbug writes: " opened recently to offer the functionality for people to rate guilds, based on how they were/are treated by them. Hundreds of guilds and thousands of reports have been added to the site. It only takes a couple of minutes to file a report on a guild. You can rate reports (Insightful, average, uninformative) while browsing too. The site's goal is to offer some insight on potential guilds a new recruit might be interested in. How far they are in content might not cut it for someone looking to join a fair and friendly guild. When users submit a guild, the data is validated via the official World of Wacraft armory. Reports are monitored and deleted when their karma reaches a low level to keep out uninformative reports. Visit the site and share an experience you had with a particular guild, it will help more than you know!"

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