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Submission + - "Tube" Blender-animated film launches Kickstarter ( 2

TheSilentNumber writes: "Bassam Kurdali's free culture 3D animation, "Tube" is nearing the final stages of production. After directing the first of the Blender Institutes "Open Movie Projects", Elephants Dream, Bassam wanted to prove that free software like Blender and PiTiVi are usable for independent filmmakers and that producing free cultural works can be a sustainable living too. The team has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project and if the goal is met then we should see the final release in 7 months!"
Open Source

Submission + - Group Funding for Open Source Projects (

PowerMacG4 writes: There's a new way to get your bugs fixed., a new site for "no-hassle, winner-take-all freelance gigs, by hackers, for hackers", just released free group funding support for open source projects. "We're like Kickstarter, in that we believe that people can do great things when they put their money together, but our implementation is different. [...] Gigs posted here aren't by people who want to be pre-paid for their work, but by people who want to see work done."

Comment echo /dev/urandom (Score 1) 463

TI-83 (Plus): n=82EF4009ED7CAC2A5EE12B5F8E8AD9A0 AB9CC9F4F3E44B7E8BF2D57A2F2BEACE 83424E1CFF0D2A5A7E2E53CB926D61F3 47DFAA4B35B205B5881CEB40B328E58F p=B709D3A0CD2FEC08EAFCCF540D8A100BB38E5E091D646ADB7B14D021096FFCD q=B7207BD184E0B5A0B89832AA68849B29EDFB03FBA2E8917B176504F08A96246CB d=4D0534BA8BB2BFA0740BFB6562E843C7 EC7A58AE351CE11D43438CA239DD9927 6CD125FEBAEE5D2696579FA3A3958FF4FC54C685EAA91723BC8888F292947BA1 e=11

Submission + - Anomos: Censorship-resistant, Anonymous BitTorrent (

Rich writes: "On this anniversary of the Tianamen Square Massacre, in response to continued global repression of information, we are pleased to announce the first public release of Anomos. Anomos is a modification of the popular BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol which adds layers of cryptography to create a network which is completely secure and anonymous. In this system, nobody besides the trusted central tracker is able to know who is transferring any file being tracked. Using the same techniques which provide security to online shopping and banking, Anomos is able to resist censorship and pass through oppressive national firewalls.

We have created this system in hopes that it will be used to bring knowledge to those in places where knowledge is forbidden. We strongly believe in the freedom of information, that people with information are able to make better decisions and are better equipped to take care of each othe, and that the world is a better place when people know more."

Comment Anomos: Anonymous BitTorrent Without F2F (Score 5, Interesting) 325

I'm a lead dev on a similar project called Anomos, which provides anonymous and encrypted BitTorrent without requiring the slow Friend To Friend system that this uses. OneSwarm is a cool project, but we have some advantages over this (although I'm sure they have advantages over us as well.) We're a funded project as well. If you're interested in this type of thing, you might wanna take a look at our project as well. (Also check out i2pSnark!) Ultimately (perhaps by the end of this summer), I'd like to see all of these approaches under a single roof.

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