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Comment well (Score 1) 538

if you are ready to pass some lengthy excerpt providing what may be an important piece of information and perspective just because someone lacks a 'shift key', then you really dont fucking need to read them at all. they wouldnt do you any good. i will leave you to your shift keys and capitalizations.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 1174

And this southern gentleman humbly accepts your apology sir. I'm sure that with the leaking sieve that is the border, which is just as much our fault as it is yours, that her evilness simply slipped through the cracks, like a toxic gas oozing across the border.

Besides the great people of Canada had done us a great service long before this unfortunate mishap by sending us "The Shat", the best damned Enterprise Captain in history, which earns a great amount of forgiveness for future wrongdoing. Plus while Celine may be truly the Devil's spawn, in now way does she equal the horror that is sitting through a Yahoo Serious movie, which should be outlawed under the Geneva Convention.

At least the people of Canada had the honor to stand up and admit that a great evil had escaped, whereas the damned Aussies try to pretend it never happened. The PM of Australia should be tied to a chair and forced to watch Young Einstein until he admits that allowing that evil upon the world was a crime against humanity, but I bet he would just swallow his own tongue to escape the pain. I know I would.

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