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Comment Re:Give some protection to Combetta (Score 1) 382

This is getting as bad as the birthers. Which Trump says Clinton started, the gaslighting asshole.

Clinton did start it. Even far-left magazines and newspapers who aren't in the tank for Clinton can trace how Clinton ops in 2008, told investigative reporters that they should look into it. And many actually did, going as far as sending investigative teams to look into it. It was one of her campaign strategies.

None of these links say anything about Clinton starting anything of the sort.

Comment Re: That'll to be one to avoid PRICE HIKES on then (Score 4, Insightful) 157

* license fees not included. All computers connecting to the cloud must be separately licensed. Unlicensed connectees will be charged to site owner at a 600% penalty. Any use of competing cloud services incur license fees for all computers operating in or connecting to the entirety of said cloud service, charged to site owner.
Site owner agrees Oracle holds title to first- through fifth-born.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 212

It's fairly simple - the moment a public broadcaster gets funded directly from taxes it also becomes vulnerable to politicians cutting their budgets.

While it's also possible to vote through a lower TV license, it becomes much harder to justify this as "neccessary to balance the budget" when the real goal is to punish the broadcaster for publishing something the politicians didn't like.

So, in a word, independence.

Comment Re:Normally I side with the EFF, BUT (Score 5, Informative) 143

this is just ridiculous.

What's next?

Someone intentionally runs down another person with their car and Ford gets sued?

Ginsu gets sued because some nutso housewife decided to stab her spouse and their spawns?

The local water company gets sued when someone drowns someone in a bath tub, because after all, the water company provided the water....

From TFA:

The Golden Shield system included a library of Falun Gong Internet activity enabling the Chinese government to identify Falun Gong members online, according to the lawsuit. The case also contains strong evidence that Cisco created systems for storing and sharing information about “forced conversion”—i.e. torture—sessions for use as training tools.

The cooperation was also documented in internal marketing literature, where a Cisco engineer described the company’s commitment to China’s security objectives, including the “douzhung” of Falun Gong practitioners. Douzhung is a term describing abuse campaigns against disfavored groups comprising of persecution and torture.

Comment Re:My prediction.... (Score 0) 676

"There have been 103 homicides in Milwaukee so far this year [August 27], compared with 86 homicides during all of 2014. Thursday, Chief Ed Flynn said he blamed Wisconsin's concealed carry law for some of the violence."

"we heard 'bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. We turn around, and 150 feet from where I was standing, a 15-year-old had just murdered a 15-year-old with a .40-caliber pistol. I had 60 cops there," Flynn said."

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