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Submission + - Commodore PET Smartphone Comes Loaded With C64 And Amiga Emulators

Mickeycaskill writes: Commodore is launching an Android-powered smartphone that lets 1980s gaming fans play their favourite retro titles.

It runs a custom version of Android 5.0 Lollipop and lets you play both old Commodore 64 and Amiga games with its preinstalled VICE C64 and Uae4All2-SDL Amiga emulators.

Configurations vary between 2GB and 3GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of storage, with a 5.5 inch display and 1.7GHz processor included in all versions.

The Catch? It's only available in France, Germany, Italy and Poland to begin with, but other markets are set to follow.

Submission + - Robot Programmed to Fall in Love with a Girl Goes too Far ( 1

tmcb writes: "Researchers at Toshiba’s Akimu Robotic Research Institute were thrilled ten months ago when they successfully programmed Kenji, a third generation humanoid robot, to convincingly emulate certain human emotions. At the time, they even claimed that Kenji was capable of the robot equivalent of love. Now, however, they fear that his programming has taken an extreme turn for the worst. (...)
"The trouble all started when a young female intern began to spend several hours each day with Kenji, testing his systems and loading new software routines. When it came time to leave one evening, however, Kenji refused to let her out of his lab enclosure and used his bulky mechanical body to block her exit and hug her repeatedly. The intern was only able to escape after she had frantically phoned two senior staff members to come and temporarily de-activate Kenji."


Submission + - Microsoft employees 'annoyed and dismayed' over the 'Metro mess,' employee says ( 1

colinneagle writes: Multiple sources claim, and I have gotten my own confirmation, that Microsoft's Legal and Corporate Affairs team distributed a memo to all internal and external parties banning the use of the "Metro" term. Windows 8 went RTM on Wednesday, August 1, and will go retail by the end of October, so this is a hell of a time to change a name you've driven into the consumer's head.

The memo claims that Microsoft has been threatened with legal action for infringing on "Metro" trademarks currently held by German retailer Metro AG.

There's been chatter that Microsoft wants to ditch the name because it's been slapped on everything and there may be confusion. That seems like a good excuse, but a source within the company suggests that it's really the trademark issue.

"They told us about the Metro mess, though the screwup on checking the name wasn't spelled out per se, and frankly, everyone's either simply dismayed or genuinely annoyed that whoever was supposed to be doing due diligence on the name blew it so badly," the source said.

Microsoft will have a new official name to replace Metro this weekend, the source added.

"Considering that the damned thing is already gold and RTM, the Windows/WinPhone teams have an uphill battle here," the source said.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Bad Bank Mixing up Plus and Minus over 55 Billion (

megu writes: At a time that the Occupy Wall Street movement is catching worldwide attention, a german bank had to concede a hard-to-believe mistake in their accounting records. German newspapers report (in german) that Hypo Real Estate, a bank that had to be vouched for with guarantees of over 100 billion Euros of public funds after the Lehman Brothers collapse, has discovered a bookkeeping error of 55 billion Euros with bankers 'mixing up 'plus' and 'minus''. Although the discovery of the misentry eases the bank's balance sheet, the whole issue jump-starts the discussions about whether to put more control on the finance sector again. Newspapers estimate that the amount of money involved in the mistake would be enough to cover 18 months of all the long-term unemployment support granted by the german state.

Submission + - Guy Builds Robot that Plays Angry Birds (

tekgoblin writes: "This guy named Jason Huggins built a robot in his home which ended up playing a game of Angry Birds. He named the robot ‘BitBeamBot‘ and built it out of wood, Lego, and servo motors. The robot uses an Arduino board and likely runs custom software that he made himself. Right now the robot has to be controlled by a person, but with some creative programming I believe it will become hands free and able to play by itself."

Submission + - Right-Wing Extremists Tricked by Trojan Shirts (

gzipped_tar writes: Fans at a recent right-wing extremist rock festival in Germany thought they were getting free T-shirts that reflected their nationalistic worldview. But after the garment's first wash they discovered otherwise. The original image rinsed away to reveal a hidden message from an activist group. It reads: "If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We'll help to free you from right-wing extremism."

Submission + - Washing machine + Arduino = Laundruino (

An anonymous reader writes: Because his washer is located in the basement, Micha decided to connect it to his home network with the help of an Arduino + Ethernet Shield. It's a rather simple gut ingenius hack that saves him from stepping down the stairs all the time to check if the laundry is done.

Submission + - Fake Brick & Mortar Apple in China (

grub writes: ""We’ve all seen those copycat iPhones that come out of China, the majority of which can usually be identified as counterfeit within a few seconds. However, when it comes to faking Apple stores, China does a pretty damn good job.

Apple only has a handful of retail stores in China, so one savvy businessman has decided to build his own. However, he didn’t go down the Apple authorised reseller route as you’d expect — he literally ripped off Apple’s own stores."

Reminiscent of when they faked an entire company."


Submission + - Computer glitch hits CBA customers as police give (

johnsnails writes: THE SOFTWARE glitch bugging Commonwealth Bank customers has caused at least one ATM to spill out "thousands of dollars" prompting the police to send several officers to guard at least one machine until it could be fixed.
The ATM at Plumpton Marketplace, in Sydney's West, had at least two or three policeman guarding it, Plumpton Fast Photo retail assistant Jancy said.

Read more:

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Aussie ATMs Handing Out "Free" Cash (

aesoteric writes: "Database issues at the one of Australia's Big 4 banks have spread to more than 40 automatic teller machines, allowing customers to withdraw "large amounts" of cash they don't actually have. Large queues have been reported at ATMs around Sydney as users tried to withdraw $1000s of dollars at a time. Emerging reports suggest the entire ATM network may need to be shut down to curb the run on machines."

Submission + - Flying parking meters (

RockDoctor writes: Flying cars may be 10 years or more away, as they have been for longer than fusion power has, but the (ab-)normally quiet town of St.Johns, Newfoundland, has evidently plans for the future and this winter has been trialling parking meters for their expected fleets (flocks?) of flying cars. Or something.
(Well, it made me laugh when I saw it on the telly!)


Submission + - Bypassing iPhone 3GS Password Lock 1

An anonymous reader writes: To keep a long story short, my girlfriend had to lend me her iPhone 3GS and forgot to tell me the password to it. The well known dial four hash symbols and quickly press the power button "hack" wasn't working for me, and I was stuck in a bad situation. In frustration, I started bashing the thing, pressing the main button for a few seconds. To my surprise I was prompted to give it a voice command. I said "Call Amy" (her sister) Dutifully, the iPhone called the number. With the number busy, I hung up and tried again. I was able to call contacts, play music and more, all with my voice and not one prompt for the passcode my girlfriend had implemented.

How can Apple expect iOS device to be taken seriously in enterprise when such glaringly obvious security holes exist?

Submission + - 13 Year Old Spider Boy Scales Walls Using Vacuums (

Joe McIntosh writes: Hibiki Kono just might be a boy genius. The 13 year-old decided he wanted to climb vertical surfaces like his hero, Spiderman. So, he used two 1,400-watt recycled vacuum cleaners and a little bit of elbow grease to make a machine that allows him to scale walls — just like his spindly hero! Kono has been scaling the walls of his UK school and has told the media that he hopes his invention will help window washers eliminate clumsy ladders from their daily routine.

Submission + - Police investigating virtual furniture theft ( 2

krou writes: Finnish police are involved in the investigation of up to 400 cases of theft from virtual world Habbo Hotel, with some users reporting the loss of up to €1000 of virtual furniture and other items. Users were targeted using a phishing scam that used fake webpages to capture usernames and passwords. There is no mention as to whether or not the thieves made off with the bath towels, gowns, shampoo bottles, and soaps.

Submission + - E-mail error ends up on road sign ( 1

SpuriousLogic writes: When officials asked for the Welsh translation of a road sign, they thought the reply was what they needed.
Unfortunately, the e-mail response to Swansea council said in Welsh: "I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated".
So that was what went up under the English version which barred lorries from a road near a supermarket.
"When they're proofing signs, they should really use someone who speaks Welsh," said journalist Dylan Iorwerth.

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