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Submission + - Computer glitch hits CBA customers as police give (

johnsnails writes: THE SOFTWARE glitch bugging Commonwealth Bank customers has caused at least one ATM to spill out "thousands of dollars" prompting the police to send several officers to guard at least one machine until it could be fixed.
The ATM at Plumpton Marketplace, in Sydney's West, had at least two or three policeman guarding it, Plumpton Fast Photo retail assistant Jancy said.

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Submission + - Highest German Court: Data Retention Laws Illegal

An anonymous reader writes: The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany has declared the German data retention laws in their current form to be unconstitutional. Data that has already been stored by providers has to be deleted immediately.

Info for Slashdot Editors: I am not a very talented writer in English language, and would appreciate it if you could "poke [this article] with a stick" (as you say on before releasing it. Thank you. :-)
Here is some information that may or may not help you:
I have found this news report about it (in English language):
There are many more in German language (but this probably won't help English readers):
Press release from the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court):
More detailed info on the court's decision:
Report from Heise:

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