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Journal Erris's Journal: BBC Reports World Wide Censorship of Bloggers.

The BBC has an article covering the 2007 Reporters Without Borders censorship rankings.

Bloggers are now finding themselves prey to censorship from repressive governments [that] realise the internet is now a key tool in promoting democracy and are moving to curb it.

China is one of the worst offenders, having imprisoned 50 people for postings on the internet. ... at least 64 people are currently imprisoned worldwide because of postings on the web, eight of them in Vietnam. [in Eritrea] The privately-owned press has been banished ... and the few journalists who dare to criticise the regime are thrown in prison. We know that four of them have died in detention and we have every reason to fear that others will suffer the same fate.

Don't think that these things only happen far away. The same companies are doing the same things to your neighbors. The US earns it's 48th rank with domestic spying, newspaper raids and bloggers imprisoned through concocted charges. From the report:

There were slightly fewer press freedom violations in the United States (48th) and blogger Josh Wolf was freed after 224 days in prison. But the detention of Al-Jazeeras Sudanese cameraman, Sami Al-Haj, since 13 June 2002 at the military base of Guantanamo and the murder of Chauncey Bailey in Oakland in August mean the United States is still unable to join the lead group.

Under the umbrella of fighting terrorism, you too can be detained without charges, and people have died mysteriously in US detention.

Related story, Burma is using US Filters to identify and murder dissidents.

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BBC Reports World Wide Censorship of Bloggers.

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