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Comment Hillary's cat's paw comes home to mommy (Score -1, Troll) 644

There were two points to Sander's campaign:

1) He gets to keep the left-over money, and since he'll likely be retiring soon he won't even have to hide it in his wife's name like he does the rest of his assets.

2) He energized the progressive base, and then flipped them into supporting a warmongering, corporatist, Wall Street shill.

In other words, he joined the Democratic Party.

Comment Mislead in the headline much? (Score 4, Insightful) 150

There is *speculation* that takedowns are coming from Apple, but no actual evidence and generally speaking DMCA notices have names (at least of a law firm) attached. As news sources go, Reddit forums rank right up there with the National Enquirer. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to bash Apple: political censorship, slumping software quality, etc. No need to invent fake ones.

Comment Otherwise CNN would go out of business (Score 1) 343

Just Another Government Subsidy. Shouldn't the airlines have to pay for the cost of finding the wreckage of their planes? I think that would have some interesting effects on aircraft maintenance. Or - heh - you could choose the cheaper airline that takes the "shit happens" approach.

Comment Criminals gonna crime. (Score 4, Informative) 38

I don't really get the outrage at this. Criminals are going to commit crimes. I think the outrage would be better directed at Google for promulgating a "security-last" OS to manufacturers who, for the most part, can't be bothered with updates after a few months. When you suck at security almost infinitely more than Microsoft, that's saying something...

Comment Re:And there was much rejoicing! (Score 0, Troll) 581

At least Sanders is honest (for a politician anyway)

That's kind of like being celibate (for a cheap prostitute anyway).

At least he's only a part-time warmonger: Kosovo, Afghanistan, playing Merchant of Death to the whole Middle East, supporting the boondoggle F35 - but hey, he voted against invading Iraq before he voted to fund it.

That, and he still has absolutely no sense of math when it comes to his political promises.

Comment For the foreseeable future, right where it's at. (Score 2) 235

The problem is that the screen itself is a large, beautiful, and relatively expensive piece compared to everything that puts content on it. The price point makes it impractical to upgrade and replace on the same cycle as an XBox, Playstation, Roku, Apple TV, etc. Personally, I replace the screen every 7-10 years, and the connected devices every 3-5 years. Until the screens drop sufficiently in price to be replaceable in sync with the content devices, it makes exactly zero sense to cram more stuff into them. Especially when you consider the security issues.

Comment Can't be taken seriously. (Score 2, Insightful) 182

Whenever somebody uses the U3 unemployment numbers for any purpose that doesn't involve sarcasm or irony, their thoughts are not to be taken seriously. Literally the only purpose of mentioning U3 is political propaganda - the calculation methods divorce it completely and irrevocably from any potential honest use in discussing employment rates.

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