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AMD Donates Servers to Groklaw 64

Core 2 Duo writes "Apparently, someone at AMD noticed that Groklaw has been having trouble running on the old IBM servers ibiblio uses, so they donated two powerful AMD Opteron servers to ibiblio specifically for Groklaw's use. Curiously, this means that Groklaw is no longer hosted by IBM's servers, but SCO's own investor relations website is."

SCO Claims Ownership of ELF To Court 227

l2718 writes "In the most recent punch-counterpunch of the SCO v. IBM case, IBM is claiming that SCO is trying to vastly expand their claims beyond what they alleged in their list of material allegedly misused by IBM filed last December, using their expert reports. For example, two years ago we covered SCO's claim to own ELF, the main executable format of Linux. Apparently they are have finally made the same claim to a court of law, after the deadline for making such claims. From IBM's memorandum: 'The final disclosures identify 19 Linux files relating to the ELF specification, as well as excerpts from several specification documents. Dr. Cargill far exceeds this claims ... asserting infringement of the entire ELF format ... also ... for the first time, claims to the ELF magic number.'"

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