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The Internet

Former FBI Agent Calls for a Second Internet 486

An anonymous reader writes "Former FBI Agent Patrick J. Dempsey warns that the Internet has become a sanctuary for cyber criminals and the only way to rectify this is to create a second, more secure Internet. Dempsey explains that, in order to successfully fight cyber crime, law enforcement officials need to move much faster than average investigators and cooperate with international law enforcement officials. The problem is various legal systems are unprepared for the fight, which is why he claims we must change the structure of the Internet."

'Leak-Proof' Anti-Spam Solution? 90

sikandril asks: "In an effort to help the Internet community and user-base at large in fighting spam, I have decided to put up this white paper for public review and remarks. As you will see, the system provides an almost 'waterproof' solution to spam blockage via an opt-in system. The main drawback is that everyone (except spammers or other evildoers) has to have this installed in order for it to work perfectly. A small number of installs means that unknown legit contacts still might show up as spam, albeit only for the first e-mail and/or until they too elect to install the software. I'm an independent developer located in Israel, and would love to hear your ideas regarding this."

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