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Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 397

The overproliferation of black box special purpose devices is concerning. The technology controls us rather than we control it. I would much prefer to watch an record programs using open source software on Linux rather than a smart TV. Ever try to find DVR tuner hardware for Linux, especially when you want 5 tuners? It is difficult and damn near impossible. Open source desperately needs to go mainstream in everything so that we dont become slaves to machines and that people can control the devices that they purchase.

Comment Re:Only remove it for California (Score 1) 218

Debatable, because the First Amendment has the words "Congress shall make no law". So, it can be argued that the first amendment does not apply to the states. It restricts the power of US Congress. I know about the SCOTUS, but the Constitution is what it is. The SCOTUS is not infallible and is not immune to misinterpretation or abusing its power. We should not confuse the legitimacy of these rulings and them having defacto impact. I agree with the first amendment and I think the states ought to be bound by it, but this is not how things are under the Constitution despite what SCOTUS says, and I am with IMDB with this, but the Constitution is what it is. There is still a free speech issue under the California Constitution.

Comment Totalitarian progressivism (Score 2, Insightful) 218

This is absolutely a violation of the first amendment. It is an example of the totalitarian nature of progressivism where in the name of "fairness" they will implement totalitarian regulations that take away all free speech. This is just the tip of the iceberg, they want to ban anything they deem to be "offensive", in violation of free speech rights. The only issue with ages is that there is a right for privacy but since these are actors this information is publicly available anyway, and otherwise as long as we are talking about information people volunteer which they can later delete, people have a right to do so. I can more sympathize with laws that have a process for sites to take down personal information of private persons, but thats not what this law is.

Comment Unusual that so many hit continents (Score 1) 296

It is pretty surprising that so many of these have hit the continents rather than the ocean basin considering most of the planet is ocean. One hitting the ocean basin would not leave much trace due to plate subduction. However, if a large asteroid hit the deep ocean basin, what would the effect be, would the ocean water perhaps prevent the dust and so on from entering the air, instead you would end up with a tsunami , avoiding the climate change? Or would the force oft he comet be such that the dust would manage to enter the atmosphere anyway?

Comment Re:so is there a good theory? (Score 1) 470

You don't seem to be understanding what I am saying. I do care what the truth is, the truth is the truth. I am interested in the truth, rather than science fiction. I am just saying there shoud be scientific data to back up the truth. When you test a theory about how the physical laws work, the test is valid for the context in which it was performed. But when we extrapolate the test data to contexts which we have not tested, we are making an assumption. The extrapolations can be handy in order to get something working in little time for everyday work, but at the same time it doesnt rule out that we may have undiscovered phenomena where the four forces work differently or maybe additional forces. I'm not saying we can find a way to make an anti-gravity drive, but we are far from ruling this out and it makes sense to look for it.

Comment Re:so is there a good theory? (Score 0) 470

Why is a rewrite of the laws of physics scary? If science is supposed to be about truth, then why are you so afraid of the truth. Its like the standard model. newtons laws are a religion to you THAT CANNOT BE QUESTIONED. I think when we come upon an expiremental result, rather than insisting it must be a problem with the expirement or that their has to be some explanation uin the current "laws", we should actually as well investigate that it may be that the current "laws" are incomplete. It is quite possible that while newton laws or other scientific theories may operate as they are beleived to under many settings what modern science hsa done is taken limited expiremental data from a limited set of expirements in a finite number of contexts and extrapolated the physical laws to behave the same way in all other contexts, even though they have not been tested in these other contexts, partly because the number of contexts are very large in number, infinite. So, the fact is, broad generatizatins of EM theory, conservation, newtons laws, these may behave one way in many settings, this does not mean they behave the same way in all settings, the actual universe may be more complicated than that. Given that the discoveries of abberations or divergence from the theories might lead to new technologies that could solve our energy and propulsion problems, we should be LOOKING FOR THEM rather than to be afraid of them, What if there is a higher dimensional physics that due to the geometry and structure of higher dimensions interacting with this one allows laws of conservation to be violated but due to the specific geometries involved with these multi-dimensional interactions of this dimension with higher level structures, only appears under very specific arrangments of magnets? What if this universe is created from an infinite energy potential and we could directly access this immense source of energy through some yet undiscovered physical effect that only appears under certain configurations of fields to create a symettrical interlock with geometries through other dimensions? It is unlikely that unless we are brute force testing the physical behaviour of the universe we would easily miss this effect even though the effect could solve our energy problems by allowing for an abundant and pollution free source of energy to be tapped? I am not saying that this is the case, but how do we know if we do not look, and how can we look if we are afraid of the truth and so sentimentally attached to current theories ? Such a discovery wouldnt necessarally invalidate the entirety of current physical theory but create a nuance to them or a new physical effect that is an exception to the general rule, which make these theories more complex than we originally thought. So, for example, it would be stupid to say that if we found under a very specific geometry of fields, the laws of gravity behave in a different way, it doesnt mean that the everything else known about how gravity behaves in other tested settings is wrong. THe way the mind of current scientists seem to work is that they think if you found an abberation in gravity theory that could make an anti gravity drive, then that would mean the planet should not exist at all and there should be a dust cloud because they think that gravity must behave the exact same way in all cases or else the theory doesnt exist at all. Use your imagination, think outside of the box, this is how we can create new world changing discoveries.

Comment Re:I like Systemd (Score 1) 338

You see the fact that it makes things easy to use is a problem for some Linux people, who seem to think Linux needs to be difficult and complex to use. In many ways the old way of doing init was backwards , you are right the declarative style of systemd is far more intuitive and with less wheel reinventing.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 338

Wrong. It can manage things if you want it to. I have configured my own scripts to mount things on systemd just fine. Just more FUD. systemd has worked well here, with simplifying administration. systemd just randomly kills process? What are you talking about. It only kills them if thats what you ask it to do.

Comment Re: Farewell and Thanks for My First Job! (Score 1) 40

Its important for companies to hire and give opportunities to people who do not have "experience". Corporations today are basically destroying our young people because they only want to hire people with 20 years of experience in DB2. In addition to killing the H1B program, what we should do is give companies some tax breaks for hiring people with no "experience". You have to start somewhere and how is anyone going to be able to get anywhere if all jobs require 5 years of experience? College s far too expensive as well, why have people use up 4 years of their life studying medieval french art, when they can actually be doing real things? If people want to learn about art and so on they can do that in their free time but asking people to spend thousands of dollars and years of their life on this is an outrage. To really turn this country around we need to 1) Kill all immigration so the jobs go to our own people 2) do apprenticeships so people can learn on the job while making a wage 3) allow people to start off in apprenticeships with no experience. This would save tons of money and would make life better for everyone by getting young people into productive jobs immediately where they can start learning their life career and making a wage at the same time, instead of racking up college debt and working at McDonalds for years while going to college.

Comment With Canonicals help (Score 1) 403

Unfortunately it is the airheads at Canonical that helped them with this. It was obvious that this would help Windows only and Ubuntu showed themselves to be so clueless and easily taken advantage of to go along with it. It is an advantage on the MS side since it gives people a reason to use Windows rather than Linux and thus hurt the Linux kernel. Of course many people know that Windows will take away the ability to control and audit the OS and would bring people under the enslavement of the Windows OS, a black box that microsoft can use to exploit and control its users.If Ubuntu really was competent they would have made it possible to run Windows hardware drivers and Windows Apps on Linux, which is really what would help people get off of Windows. And I dont mean the glitch prone, pathetic, 50% application compatability that Wine has, which is just not good enough, for average users would need to be 99%.

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