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Submission + - Gary Johnson 2012 picking up steam (

Elwar123 writes: The push to draft Gary Johnson to run for president in 2012 has picked up some steam in the past month. The site,, set up as a grassroots effort to draft Gary Johnson has garnered over 6,000 views in the month of October, more than doubling the previous month's views.

As the Internet community starts hearing about the former New Mexico governor, who is known for his fiscal discipline and vetoing over 750 bills during his two terms, they seek out more information. The website comes up #1 on a google search for "Gary Johnson 2012" and #2 after wikipedia on a search just for the name "Gary Johnson".

Considering Governor Johnson has not been in the public spotlight as a possible Republican candidate for 2012, this is a significant start for what could be a repeat of the Internet dominance held by Ron Paul in the 2008 presidential campaign. The website shows the website with just over 5,000 views for the last month, this from a candidate who is actively running a Senate campaign.

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