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Journal Journal: Metamoderators, please read.

This journal entry is for metamoderators.

I hold some political beliefs that are unpopular. For several years, there has been a campaign to destroy my karma because of them. Approximately once per week, someone gets mod points and goes back and mods down my posts. I'm not saying that every one of my posts is brilliantly insightful or informative. I am not above occasionally being flippant or stooping to the level of a troll, but many of my on-topic posts are moderated as off topic and many serious discussions are moderated as trolls.

If you see such an example, please metamoderate it as unfair.

Thank you.

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Oh noes!

Despite the fact that my last "going away" JE never had anything to do with me going away (uh, go reread it fellers), a lot of people took it as such.

Alas, however, I waste far too much time with the morons on this site, so I must bid you adieu. My password has been blindly changed to random gibberish, and the email address changed to one I no longer have access to.

To those of you with at least half a brain, thanks for the laughs. To the rest of you?

Go sit on a unicorn's face and spin. Don't forget to think fondly of me in your last moments you pathetic, bloody morons.

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Journal Journal: Arlen Specter is the Longest Sitting Senator From PA Today. 2


Because unlike extremist, mysognistic, homophobic, pompous morons like Santorum, Arlen Specter is a level-headed, moderate guy who knows what he's doing.

Yea, you don't see that a lot in government these days. You see cocklickers who hate women, minorities, and freedom getting nominated for high court positions.

Oh well. Like I told Brent, 13 years from now we'll be in the grips of one of those dirty liberals while he/she rebuilds from the disastrous mess caused by the conservatives again, and the idiot public will then vote another whacked-out conservative to wreck all that progress all over again.

Constant cycle. The cons destroy what the progressives build. Sad, sad cycle.

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Journal Journal: Meet Alito 21

A man who believes the only thing lower in the pecking order than a dirty liberal is a dirty whore out of her burkha.

There's nothing that warms the cockles of my heart quite like a guy who argued that a woman who gets raped, deceived (e.g. - tampering with birth control), or beaten by her husband can't get an abortion unless she... asks her husband if it's okay.

Nice. Way to go righties. You're real outstanding examples of the human species. Thanks for spreading the love.

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Journal Journal: Hoo-Rah 7

Word on the wire is that Bush is none to happy with some of his top advisors for their roles in the unpleasant negatives that have been heaped on his administration lately for the botched Katrina response and failed Miers nomination, not to mention that niggling little problem with Fitzgerald and the potential for an intentional national security breach at the highest levels of the executive arm of the government.

Reports say that Bush may have lost confidence in three of his top advisors, notably Rove and Cheney.

The Bush legacy is in its death spiral because all of its miserably corrupt and incompetent behavior from the beginning has caught up. Now it's time for people to face up to the facts. Which side were they on, the side that called bullshit from the beginning, or the side that's now so rapidly backpeddling on five years worth of mindless marching-order support?


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Journal Journal: I Just Solved The Universe, ,Now for the Rubic's Cube 3

Naturally, the first place I thought to post this undirected thought process was on the /b/ (random) board of 4chan about 7 minutes ago, albeit with a significantly more obscene trailer.

Because I know when I think 4chan, I think intellectual clarity.

According to string theory, our entire universe is compromised of subatomic 1-dimensional strings vibrating at specific frequencies.

In addition, there's an idea out there that our Universe is just one of many floating on 'branes'.

Well, I was thinking... what if the ways in which gravity "distorts" our universe (e.g. massive objects like black holes and enormous stars have a huge distorting effect and smaller planets and planetoids and molecules have smaller and minute effects) is just the way in which the brane we're floating on is told how to "vibrate".

That would mean that, potentially, our entire universe appears as a 1-dimensional "string" to outside observers, and as only a limitlessly tiny portion of a whole other, much larger (from our perspective) universe.

That would also mean that the 1-dimensional strings WE percieve might be entire universes.

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Journal Journal: Say What Now? 7

Alright, folks, try and stay with me here as we think through this and try to figure out why the United States public is getting fed up with the Bush administration and our current political "leaders"...

September 2001 you get these psychobastards who slam some planes into a couple of buildings and a field. This pisses a lot of people off, it's a uniting thing, symbolism, rally point, etc. Everyone says "GO GET 'EM BUSH" and Bush does. By golly, he says "this guy did it!" and he goes over there and this guy's a real bad guy so everyone is like "SEND A MOAB UP HIS HAIRLESS CORNHOLE!" and Bush is like 'no wait, guys, let's see if fuck fail Taliban will turn him over and save us some time, money, and lives'.

Fuck fail Taliban fuck fails and doesn't, so we're all like DIE MOFO and we kick their asses and send 'em packing and everyone is like "OH BOY, YAY!".

But Bumholeman goes running into some caves and hides and he's all like "OH SHI-!". So for awhile we're looking for him and then Bush is all like "ummmm I don't think about him much anymore" and American Public is sort of like "he say whut guy?". But they don't think so much of it because airplane bombs were years ago, so Bush is all like "SADDAM IS A BAD GUY, LET'S GO GET HIM!"

Then there's schism and smart people are like "asshole is he, threat he is not" and everyone else is like "shawt up or I'll punch ya'lls necks".

So then there's like 49% of people who are like "no wait, Bush is fuck fail now" and then 51% votes and he wins election this time and John Kerry cries and he's like "but I got shrapnels" but nobody cares so he goes back to the Senate and votes for some more stuff before he votes against it. Or maybe it was the other way around.

So anyway, people are like "hey man, whut with checking account? Savings account is fuck fail too!" and Bush is like "uuh" and then people are like "oh man too much debt no money, gotta bankrupt" and Bush is like "NO YOU PAY CORPORATIONS BECAUSE THEY'RE BETTER THAN YOU" and peolpe are like "whoa what?".

So then Katrina comes and is like WHOOOOSH BOOM! And bush is like 'lol nigers' and then people are like "man FEMA fuck fails too now". And Brown is like "lol horses are great" and Bush is like "good job!" and then people go "no, you fail".

Then Tom DeLay is like "YOA HERE'S SOME MONEY" and badass guy with a paper clip is like "YUO FREEZE!". Tom DeLay is like "Whoa whut, no I did nothing!" and then people are like "man you fuck fail corrupted n00b". And then Frist is like "OH SHI-" and then they notice him and are like "Yuo next n00b lol".

Then anyway, Bush is like "lol Miers" and people go "umm, whut" and then he has to withdraw her because she's illiterate. Then Lewis Libby gets indicted and Karl Rove is like "woo that close" and Bush is all :I "OH SHI-!"

And that's where we are today.


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Journal Journal: lol Justice 12

I'm giving 3:1 odds that Bush does not fire any high-level White House official indicted in relation to the Plame investigation even though Scott McClellan orignally stated that Bush had said "anyone in this administration ... involved in it [the Plame identity leak] ... would no longer be in this [the Bush] administration".

You can place your bets at the open window in the lower half of the 9th circle of Hell. Mr Libby will be on display so you can look him over prior to the shootout (we regret to inform you that Mr. Rove will NOT be available for review as his lack of ethical standards has resulted in a permanent ban from heaven, hell, and most locales outside of Las Vegas and Washington D.C.).

BUSHCHENEY4LIFE: We're just like Elliot Ness's gang, except we wear the black hats!

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It appears that Bush has "reluctantly" accepted the withdraw of Harriet Miers' nomination. No complete sources just yet. (Update: NPR News just reported the withdraw).

Last I had heard on NPR, Miers' questionaire had not been resubmitted by the close of the day yesterday, and it was unclear if the White House had met the midnight deadline at all.

Apparently not.

lol How do I exhausted political capital?

More bad news: Rove and/or Libby are probably going to get indicted. Is this out of touch America?

Update 2:
Heh, of the withdraw, Bush said:

It is clear that senators would not be satisfied until they gained access to internal documents concerning advice provided during her tenure at the White House -- disclosures that would undermine a president's ability to receive candid counsel

Yea, right. I guess the fact that she couldn't even fill in the preliminary take-home, open-book test without screwing it up had nothing to do with their reservations, right Cmdr. Assmonkey?

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Journal Journal: Why I Hate Religonists 21

Witness firsthand the inability of a religionist to accept something as simple as the real definition of a common English word.

If whacko religionists can't even use a dictionary, what exactly is my motivation for thinking that they're capable of understanding something as complicate as evolutionary biology or concepts born of general relativity?

Sorry, folks. I think that a necessary part of being religous, especially being christian and ESPECIALLY being a christian in America, is preponderance of ignorance. I don't think it's unfair of me to complain about that, and I don't think it's unfair of me to look down on religion as a disease of the mind as a result.

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Journal Journal: Wal-Mart Memo Suggests New Hires Be Rendered At GITMO 10

Ok, maybe not quite, but that they're still being asses.

I'm always fascinated by how certain people always seem to think they're on the right side in a moral fight, but they never actually are. How, exactly, does one make a case for absolute morality forbidding this practice, even though it clearly is meant to harm and hold back individual workers to the benefit of people in a thriving company that are already obnoxiously rich?

Absolute morality == failure.
Wal-Mart Supporters == failure.

The last thing I bought there was one of their loss-leader products, a $73 air conditioning unit that they tried to hide so you'd buy one of the more expensive models. I've always wondered how long it would be until my refusal to shop at Wal-Mart resulted in an "Anti-Economic Terrorism" bill that required that at least x% of my income be used at Wal-Mart and related megastores on a yearly basis. I should start up a pool so people can wager on it.

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Journal Journal: [Halp!] My Comp Is Deader Than Kevin Costner's Career 11

Or, Current Shunts, Zirnike! Help!!!

Yes/no - does the capacitor wedged between the AGP slot and the PCI slot look blown to you too (cmp to the cappy next to the southbridge chip, they're the same cap)?

Update: I found two more of the same kind of cap on the board with bulges. One is sitting crooked, the other one also has a small brown patch at the top. I'm almost certain this is the problem now, and if it's not, it doesn't matter because it would be a matter of time until it was a problem. The bad board is the Albatron Anniversary Edition: PX845PEV - 800.

Sure does to me. Can anyone reccomend a good, reliable mobo to replace this thing with? I have P4 2.6C and some high quality XMS RAM running at DDR400, so I'm looking for an 800 FSB on the board. I guess I'll also use this as an excuse to upgrade to a PCI Express card since the Radeon 9000 is no longer performing to any type of reasonable level considering the ridiculous heat problem it's causing in my case.

In case you think that cappy isn't blown, the symptoms are:

+ Video feedback, but no signal (monitor light just blinks)
+ HDD LED is permanently lit unless I remove and IDE connector
+ No Power On LED
+ HDD sounds like it spins up
+ CD-RW just sits and blinks, DVD does nothing (can be opened)

I haven't tried pulling everything, but it won't POST when only vid card, RAM, and CPU are connected. I'll yank everything tonight and see if I at least get a no CPU error code.

I think I've been infected with BadCaps :( I guess I can't complain too much though. I got this mobo about two years ago for $65 and it's performed pretty well for a value model.

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