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Comment Those who would give up.. (Score 5, Insightful) 389

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"

Not that it matters who I quote, or what anyone says. This and things much like it will likely get renewed, or they'll happen in secret.

I don't have any good solutions, but it doesn't have to mean I like the idiots in government or their idiotic decisions.

Comment Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 2) 599

A good point, very well said. The USA's educational system is doubleplusfar from perfect, but I firmly believe that if someone doesn't want to learn, no environment will help. If they do, they'll pick it up.

My brother's ex-wife a brilliant engineer, thou I haven't had the pleasure (or horror, sometimes?) of meeting as many engineers as I could've. She's one of 3 or 4 people I've been able to have a honest, detailed, tech-type conversations with. And I'm fairly sure she never had special classes to learn, beyond what she chose to sign up for in collage and such.

Comment Re:NASA Has the Source (Score 1) 53

I'd be surprised if Voyager's source code was much more then reading sensors and transmitting that data. Considering how little computing power the Voyager and similar era probes have, it likely had to be simple. The specs on the instruments that gather that data might be more interesting.

Comment Re:Calculator? (Score 1) 177

I know the feeling, I did similar things on a TI-85, I think it was. One of the programmable TI's, anyway.

I wrote programs for solving nearly everything in geometry and trig classes, but they were just for fun. I was quicker at solving problems half on paper, half in my head. The programs just proved I understood the material and passed time I would've been bored in otherwise.

Comment Re:Not "instead of", but "in addition to" (Score 1) 445

I wish comcast made ipv6 available if you ask, or at least give you a timeline of when it might be. I have a ipv6 capable router (I think, I haven't tried a 4to6 tunnel or anything to test it). But my modem isn't ipv6 capable, and the last time I tried to get past that they only gave me a faster modem - with a built in horrible router and AP. both of which got disabled in minutes.
I'm not sure if it's their equipment supplier(s) or comcast themselves to blame for my lack of ipv6, but from this customer point of view it's comcast's fault either way.

Comment Helmets won't help with the big problems.* (Score 1) 1651

As a cyclist and well trained driver (more licenses and drivers training/saftey courses then average, in the USA at least) I don't think helmets will help/hurt much.
I don't wear a helmet except for events/races(lots of close cyclist make me nervous, and odds of an accident likely go up) and while I'm sure a helmet would help if a car hit a cyclist, I'm betting it'll cause lots of damage, helmet or no. No, the problem in my town is it seems cars *try* to cause bike wrecks. Shouting, tossing things at me and my two wheels, or just not watching for cars, never mind less visible bicycles come to mind for reasons why. It doesn't matter that I try to avoid cars, do everything to stay out of busy traffic, drivers still do those very annoying, dangerous things.
That's not to say I haven't done stupid things with cars and bikes, I make mistakes like everyone. But if drivers and cyclists try for safety and to share the roads, it'll help alot more then helmets ever could.

(*I'm sure there's speeds/circumstances/accidents where helmets make all the difference, but it's likely a very tiny percent.)

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 636

I know that more work feeling, but for me it was TI-83's (I think) and I rarely used the programs I wrote. I was quicker doing most work(80%) in my head and using paper to make sure it looked correct.
So why did I write the programs at all? Boredom, really. It was also a good way to make sure I really understood formulas - if the calculator was wrong, I made a mistake or typo.

Comment Re:it's not so funny (Score 1) 574

The hf sound theory is a good possibility, speaking from personal experience. I can hear the high pitch buzz from crt's (probably the transformer in them?) and similiar sounds, but tv buzz is the only source I can always pinpoint. Probably because my tv doesn't move. Not sure the exact frequency of the buzzing, never was good at figuring exact khz stuff by ear.

And for the record, it doesn't cause me any annoyance and I don't want to sue anybody over it.

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