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Comment Re:1991 Packard Bell 386SX/25 (Score 2) 332

I've got a little trick that works on any old BIOS I've tried: just configure a hdd with the maximum allowed size in the bios prior to connecting the real hdd. Then it won't hang on autoconfigure/whatever and the maximum useable size will be used. I've done this trick on old 486/Pentium computers with 2gb/8gb limits and 80gb IDE drives which caused the BIOS to hang.

Comment Re:Science Fiction! (Score 1) 302

But there's something quite simple that could be done: printing each ballot and depositing it in a sealed box -- just like a regular voting system. After announcing the votes as counted by the machines, the process of counting the ballots can begin and the election results would only be promulgated if both counts match.

The votes are actually printed in paper, just in case the voting data is damaged :-)

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