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Comment Re:Freedom (Score 1) 94

This is the core reason why I believe that companies who close down a game world should give the game back to the community in some way. That, or the client should be absolutely free and the user solely need to pay for the monthly service.

For example, even if all the BattleNet servers go *poof* tonight, I can still play Diablo 2 in a local or LAN mode. However if they shut down the EQ2 servers, I am left with nothing but memories pretty much as I and my guild find a new game.

The developers of AC2 should spend their remaining time building some sort of architecture where the remaining AC2 players can host their own game world locally or over a LAN/WAN and continue with their current characters if they so desire. If necessary charge a licensing fee to recoup some costs.

I'm not sure how well it would perform, but I was able to load single EQ zones with an emulator on an AMD 1gig processor with 1 gig of ram a few years ago. From my few short visits to AC2 I don't believe the graphics were much more intensive, however I am totally ignorant of the server-side code. That said, it should be possible to rework that just enough to allow play without the main servers.

If not, then perhaps other MMORPG's could stand to learn something from this and plan from the beginning for obsolescence of their servers, and what they will do for the existing community instead of just simply pulling the plug.

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