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Comment it was about greed? (Score 1) 158

And Manchin is a DINO, anyway. He votes with the GOP most of the time, after all.

On the bright side, he is one of the biggest primary targets for groups like Our Revolution and Justice Democrats, who are trying to rid the Democratic party of these kinds of corporate lackeys...

Comment And nice "No True Scotsman" on your part.... (Score 4, Insightful) 500

Enforcement of legal contracts is one of the few "legitimate" areas for the Government to be involved in, according to most Libertarian types I have spoken with. The proper role for the Government and courts is to act as the armed enforcement agents for the corporations.

Comment Garages that rent space are not a new idea.... (Score 1) 160

They used to be fairly common, until lawyers and liability insurance rates put an end to them. I did a few engine swaps in those places during my younger hot-rodding days. They provided a garage bay, overhead lifts, air tools, and engine hoists. Hand tools were strictly BYO.

Wondering how the new startup is getting around the liability issues inherent in allowing the general public access to tools, equipment, and working situations that could easily kill or injure someone who isn't careful or is just generally clueless, though...

Comment The last CRT rebuilder in the US shut down in 2010 (Score 2) 184

, and the last one in Europe followed them in 2013.

With the death of CRT manufacturing, the supply chain for the exotic materials and supplies needed for rebuilding has subsequently dried up.

The Early Television Museum in Ohio has rescued some equipment from the last rebuilders, and is hoping to bring back at least a bare bones rebuilding capability, aimed initially at vintage TV collectors.

Comment If you did this in schools, the parents would (Score 1) 402

never stand for it.

Their younger kids would learn to question Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the line "because I said so!" from their parents. Then when they got into more advanced classes in BS detection, they would start to raise uncomfortable questions regarding DARE classes, pep rallies, flag salutes, and religion.

Comment Re: Too long was always my gripe (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Pretty much. Some people are just too "tightly wrapped" for psychedelics. Rather than surrendering to the experience, they try to fight it and end up having a really bad time.

Control freak personalities in particular are prone to this. I can only imagine the scene if somebody dosed the White House water cooler these days....

Comment Tube amplifiers are PART of the instrument... (Score 3, Informative) 213

Musicians using tube amps makes sense, as the particular distortion of a pair of overdriven 6L6s is a huge part of the characteristic rock/blues "sound". The amplifier and it's distortion characteristics are an inherent part of the sound the player is trying to create.

For REPRODUCTION of recorded music, the ideal amplifier would be a "piece of wire with gain", adding or subtracting nothing from the original signal except to increase it in level to drive speakers or headphones. This is where the use of tube amplifiers (especially the ridiculous audiophool stuff using single ended triodes and no negative feedback) can only DETRACT from the signal as the musician intended it to be heard.

Tube amps are cool in their own right, and many of them are physically beautiful pieces of "functional artwork", but they are not "magical" by any means. It just happens that the particular type of odd-order harmonic distortion created by tubes happens to sound OK to many people. But it IS distortion, and technically is unwanted in REPRODUCING recorded content.

Comment Kodachrome isn't coming back... (Score 4, Informative) 213

Kodachrome will never come back because of the immense complexity of the K-14 developing process compared with E-6 or C-41. By the time Kodachrome was discontinued, there was only ONE lab that was still able to process it, and the required chemicals were discontinued by Kodak along with the film stock.

The automatic processing machines have all hit the scrapyards, and manual processing of Kodachrome was never done AFAIK, due to the extremely tight temperature and timing requirements.

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