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Comment Re:Big news for Symbian developers! (Score 5, Interesting) 92

The Download application has been around for years, and it's been redefining the word suck for years. If you enjoy waiting 10 minutes to see the same 10 applications displayed every day, the Download! application is for you. To even mention it in the same breath as Apple's App Store is delusional. And as a Symbian coder, I'll agree with the parents above... the platform sucks to code for. It's a totally non-standard (no exceptions, what?) platform that makes you account for design decisions/tradeoffs which were made over 10 years ago and should be a non-issue today. When they did the big binary break and added Symbian Signed they could have addressed a lot of this, but they chose not to. And don't get me started on Symbian Signed. Pay to have your app tested, pay to have it signed. Pay more to have your app tested if you start going deeper into the phone. Pay to have your app re-tested if you fail the test for somewhat arbitrary reasons (just check on Forum nokia to see some test rejection horror stories). Pay Nokia for the privilege of helping to grow their platform. Is it any wonder that while the total smartphone marketplace has been growing, Symbian marketshare has shrunk for 2 years running?
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Submission + - Windows 7 vs Vista vs Linux Benchmarks (

MegaMac writes: So Windows 7 is supposed to be screaming fast, right? Anecdotal accounts report it booting quicker and feeling snappier than Vista, but the proof is in stats. TuxRadar has benchmarked Windows 7 against Vista and Ubuntu Linux, comparing install time, disk space usage, boot speeds and filesystem performance. The graphs also show how the sparkly ext4 filesystem compares against its older brother.

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