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Submission + - Good or effective tactics for Maintaining IT policy in K-12 public education? 1

El Fantasmo writes: First, I work in public education, K-12, for a small, economically shaky, low performing school district.

What are some good or effective tactics for getting budget controllers to stop bypassing the IT boss/department? We sometimes we end up with LOW end MS Win 7 Home laptops, that basically can't get on our network (internet only) or be managed. The purchaser refuses to return them for proper setups. Unfortunately, IT is currently under the "asst. superintendent of curriculum and instruction," who has no useful understanding of maintaining and acquiring IT resources and lets others make poor IT purchasing decisions, by bypassing the IT department, and dips into IT funds when their pet project budgets run low. How can this be reversed when you get commands like "make it work" and the budget is effectively $0?


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