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Comment Re:What's the point anymore? (Score 2) 201

Yeah, they just lost me. I hate contracts and have been switching phones fairly regularly, selling the old phone to help pay for the new. So it was perhaps $100 to upgrade each time. Now it's more like $400 to upgrade, and there's lots of quality competition at that price. The only clear advantage it has, assuming you don't absolutely want a phablet, is its version of Android is most up-to-date. I think it's going to lose the Nexus fans, most of whom will stay with the 5, without gaining much of an audience. How unique is the fast charging?

And I'm particularly annoyed because I'm on T-Mobile, which has their new Wi-Fi calling/texting feature, but it's not supported with the 5. (Rumor was the 6 would support it.)

Comment Re:Outside influences (Score 1) 292

I think it's more:
1) Will never cheat
2) Will cheat given the opportunity
3) Will cheat in times of stress, depression, weakness (a revenge affair, for ex.) if there is an opportunity.

Social networking makes it more likely group 3 will cheat, as it is more likely they will have an opportunity when they are vulnerable.

It doesn't excuse the affair, and doesn't make the other person feel any better about it; it just makes the 3s statistically more likely to cheat than if they were, say, living on an isolated farm in Montana in the 1880s.

Comment Re:Facebook Linked To One In Five Divorces In US (Score 1) 292

You do realize the fellas have to cheat with someone, don't you? And I don't think the closet cases are anywhere near the majority.

I suppose you could claim it's married men and unmarried women, but there are certainly lots of unmarried men who are more than willing to sleep with married women.

Comment Re:Not just a test benefit (Score 1) 138

Thank you for your kind thoughts, but I really do think it's too late for him. For my wife's sake, I hope for one for me. For my mother's sake, I hate to think this way, but... well, I won't say it, just think it.

As a general rule, my father doesn't seem scared, just confused, although he's had a strange paranoia about money. This despite a generous retirement pension/savings/etc.

Comment Not just a test benefit (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Not only does this give an actual test for Alzheimers, it also means that there's a definitive symptom for it. Wipe out the cause of that symptom and maybe you can stop or reverse the progression of this horrible affliction.

My father is already at the moderate dementia stage of this illness, and it's devastating. Not so much for him as it is for my mother.

Comment Re:Objectivity? (Score 4, Interesting) 250

The industry has moved away from "more horsepower than you'll ever need!" to "uses less power than you can ever imagine!"

As someone who still spends way too much time waiting for computers to finish tasks, I think there's still room for both. What we really want is CPUs that are lightning-fast and likely multi-parallel (and not necessarily low-power) for brief bursts of time, and low-power the rest of the time.

My CPU load (3Ghz Core 2 Duo) is at 60% right now thanks to a build running in the background. More power, Scotty!

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