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Comment Re:I could have told you that. (Score 1) 938

Yes, I said *being* in a fight. If your kid tries to defend himself and gets his ass whupped, he gets suspended even if he weren't the aggressor. Both kids get suspended.

So now the only reasonable thing to teach your kid is that if he's bullied to hit first, hit often, fight dirty, and win at all costs. If you're going to get a suspension, you might as well go in to it with a W.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2, Insightful) 354

As long as parents have the legal "right" to force their (property) offspring into organized religion, ethical people have the RIGHT to use force to oppose such religions.

Ethical people generally are not hyperbolic idiots or religious or anti-religious fanatics, therefore do not assert a right to use force to influence people's religious beliefs.

Comment Re: Idling is bad for the engine (Score 4, Insightful) 454

According to Consumer Reports AND The Tappet Brothers (Tom and Ray Magliozzi) it's bad for the engine to "warm up" your car by letting it run idle in park. It's also a waste of time and gasoline.

Those guys can eat my ass if they think I'm driving around in a cold car I can't see out of. They are also welcome to scrape my windshield for me.

Comment Where's the risk? (Score 1) 116

I have increasingly come to the conclusion that we are putting our state's operations at risk and compromising the trust of the people of our state by outsourcing core government functions.

Well, my interaction with my state's operations have made me increasingly come to the conclusion that I would trust a rowdy herd of poorly trained chimpanzees over the state's employees. So bring on the contractors, I say.

Comment Re:laughable (Score 1) 647

If the world were "fair" every single human would have as an inalienable right free access to decent food, housing, healthcare, and security and working beyond that would be an optional choice to better their life.

If the world were "fair" lazy shitbags who want decent food, housing, healthcare, and security without being willing to work for it would get tossed into a volcano.

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