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Comment Re:Rootkit! (Score 1) 532

The purpose of DRM is different for different people:

  • Technology vendors - DRM is the proprietary standard that will enable them to own the toll booth, which in turn will enable them to reap extraordinary returns and lock out competitors. In this respect, DRM is no different than Microsoft owning the Windows real estate and IBM owning SNA before that, except that the proprietary standard will be mandated by law, which is a monopolist's wet dream.

  • Entertainment Industry Executives - DRM is the pixidust that they will use to protect existing revenue streams, which is what these executives tell their bosses and stock holders in order to justify keeping their highly-paid jobs for another quarter. Because of this, anyone in the corporate hierarchy that speaks the truth about DRM is in danger of loosing their job.

  • Industry Analysts - DRM is bullshit; however, the technology vendors are paying the analysts retainers. Consequently, the analyst will go along with the "DRM prevents piracy" fraud, at least in public.

  • Politicians - DRM is something that they will mandate by law so that they will get campaign contributions from the technology and entertainment industries. Since the general public is too ignorant of the subject, they won't know they're getting screwed and, therefore, there is virtually no political cost to the politician.

  • Honest consumers - DRM is something they don't know or care about until it stops them from doing something. It will encourage honest consumers to join the next group.

  • Pirates - DRM is irrelevant. Most of these people will use software written by someone else to break DRM. If the DRM is hard to break, then at least one copy will always get out in the clear anyway. Since digital content in nothing more than 1s and 0s, which can be perfectly copied an infinit number of times, the one copy in the clear will turn into millions of copies overnight and travel around the world on the Internet at the speed of light.

When are they going to learn? Give people content in a consumable form and at a reasonable price is the best way to stop piracy.

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