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Submission + - How do I convince Sales and Marketing that PowerPoint isn't a Page Layout tool?

EXrider writes: I'm the Sysadmin at a mid sized company. Amongst other departments, I support a small group of content creation folks who primarily utilize Adobe Creative Suite software.

Increasingly, these graphics folks are getting requests from Sales and Marketing people to supply electronic copies of marketing materials and even catalog pages in PowerPoint and Word format, so that they can edit them which seems like an entirely bad idea in and of itself. Obviously, these are ridiculous requests as PowerPoint and Word are simply the wrong tools for the job. Our entire catalog with all of it's image assets wouldn't even fit in a 16GB PowerPoint file.

Convincing the technically inept that this is not feasible has been difficult, as all they know is that they personally can place images in slides and wrap text around them all day long, and they've seen tools available to convert^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hmangle PDFs into DOC or PPT files available online. Simply telling them its the wrong tool for the job isn't working. Telling them to try using a trial copy of InDesign or Acrobat to edit the files didn't convince them either.

I've scoured google and can't find any examples of non-graphic design people running up against others who think they can do their job with Powerpoint. I'm trying to come up with some arguments, but so far everything I have come up with would go over their head anyways. Example: the PPT binary format size limit is 2GB, the PPTX file format size limit is up in the Exabytes, but you would need enough RAM to load the entire file without swapping. Bet you didn't know that, but who in their right mind ever would try such a ridiculous thing anyways?

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