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Submission + - Adobe Blames Apple For Lack Of Flash On iPhone ( 2

MojoKid writes: Adobe has tried a number of things in its attempt to get Apple to take down enough barriers so the company can get Flash ported on to the iPhone and so far, nothing has worked. It's obviously a frustrating situation because a large wealth of video content being offered on the internet is drive by flash video players that are currently not supported on the device. In Adobe's latest attempt to get Apple to wake up and smell the coffee, the company is spelling it out to you, the end user, as to why you can't get Flash on one of the world's most popular handsets. Last month, Adobe did announce that the forthcoming Flash CS5 Professional would allow developers to write applications in Flash that can be compiled to run on the iPhone. Whether Apple will respond to this is anyone's guess

Comment Re:Not News!! (Score 1) 843

The answer is simple

Will Linux run out of the box on this hardware: probably yes

Will Linux run well and completely and fully utilise all the features of this hardware : probably no

An example is graphics cards, almost all are supported out of the box (more than Windows 7 supports), very few are supported with full 3D acceleration (The ones that do support 3D acceleration do so only with an extra binary driver)

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