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Comment Re:Ie6 is the new amish (Score 1) 350

My job uses WinXp Pro, Ie6, and Office 2003. AND we use an app called QAD in a dos box. It's nice to be in a minority, So I can feel special.

With the exception of the dos box, every corporation I've ever worked for has been the same way. In my current position, I've actually ASKED IT to allow me to install firefox, IE7, or....god ANYTHING with tabs (yea, I have to ask. My company's machines are locked down tighter than a whale's butthole) and have been DENIED. Apparently my company's stance is "no, you can not have a safe browser. Please continue to use the veritable swiss cheese of internet software because its what we've blindly decided to support, and we're to arrogant to change."

Comment Re:My problems with 9.1 (Score 1) 1231

I had the same problem, but I knew the reason. 9.04 didn't support my NVidia card with the provided binary drivers. So, I installed the drivers provided by NVidia on their website.

When I started the upgrade, it dawned to me that I should have uninstalled those and then do the upgrade, but it was too late. After the upgrade: flickering, etc... I simply booted in recovery mode, started a shell, reinstalled the NVidia binary drivers manually rebooted and everything was fixed.

Now granted, I would rather use the Ubuntu provided binary drivers, but if they don't work I just do it the above way. I still think this problem is caused by the fact that I already did install the drivers manually and Ubuntu upgrade was confused. For kicks, I should just reinstall 9.10 from scratch to see what happens.

Comment Re:Get a leash! (Score 1) 218

If I were to keep my cat tied down I wouldn't see the point in keeping one. It's a stark contradiction to their nature. Sure they can get killed just like any animal or human. That's life.

BTW, if you have your cat or dog chiped you can be contacted when a pound picks them up. No problem there.

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