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Submission + - iPhone "Do Not Disturb" bug hit on January 1

pdclarry writes: As reported in The Guardian and Apple support forums As of January 1 the Do Not Disturb feature of the iPhone's iOS 6 does not turn off. One forum member did an analysis that shows that the bug recurs for several days at the beginning of each year in coming years if not fixed.

Just to add to the embarrassment, Apple chose Wednesday to launch a new advert promoting the iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature. (Replete with tennis's Williams sisters.)

Submission + - Gawker Staffers Can't Tell iPad 2 From Apple's New iPad (

E IS mC(Square) writes: Tech website Gizmodo went out and picked up a new iPad on Friday and opted to let Gawker's various writers and staffers get a quick peek at Apple's new red-hot device. Or at least, that's what Gizmodo's Sam Biddle was trying to lead them to believe. Because they device they were holding off wasn't a brand-new, retina-display iPad, but instead its predecessor: The good ol' iPad 2.
The response?
"It seems very pretty," one staffer said. "It's light. You know, it's not quite like my Kindle, but it'll do, I suppose."


Submission + - Tsunami hits OS/X (

gislifb writes: Malware researchers at ESET have just come across an IRC controlled backdoor that enables the infected machine to become a bot for DDOS-attacks among other things as remotely downloading files. This malware is a port of the Linux/Tsunami backdoor which have been detected since 2002.

I wonder how Apple will try to spin this one so they can still claim that there is no danger of malware when you're running OS X!


Submission + - HTC sues Apple, again ( 1

E IS mC(Square) writes: Smartphone maker HTC Corp sued Apple Inc, claiming infringement of three patents through Apple's sale of Macintosh computers, iPads, iPods, iPhones and other devices.
The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware seeks to halt Apple's importation and sale of infringing products in the United States.

Apple asked for it, and Apple is served. I will bring my popcorn.


Submission + - Drama continues as HTC sues Apple over 3 patents (

An anonymous reader writes: With HTC currently losing the patent battle against Apple, the Taiwan-based company is looking for any type of patents it can assert against Apple to bolster its position. That said, HTC this morning sued Apple claiming that its products infringe upon 3 HTC owned patents. The drama continues.

Submission + - Oracle Almost Lost The Android Battle (

sfcrazy writes: Court has severely criticised Oracle's damage reporting finding the flaws in it. The court has blown away Oracle's 6.1 billion damage dreams and set the figure to $100. This story points at the core decision made by the courts.

The court also states that in addition to the above flaw, Dr. Cockburn's focused on Java as a whole runs afoul which doesn't make sense for the law.

        "The reasonable royalty to be calculated is “a reasonable royalty for the use made of the invention by the infringer.” Java was not the invention Only the claims asserted were the invention.


Submission + - Google Pumps $6 Million into Summer of Code 2011 (

darthcamaro writes: Google Summer of Code 2011 is now underway. Google is providing stipends for 1,116 students to mentor with 175 open source projects.
In total, Google will be investing over $6 million dollars, into Summer of Code 2011. There are a few project omissions this time around though. Neither Fedora nor Ubuntu have any students this year.


Submission + - It's Steve Jobs Turn (

An anonymous reader writes: Twelve years ago Bill Gates had to deal with lawyers questioning him in regards to the Microsoft antitrust case. Now it might be that other tech mogul's turn. Steve Jobs has been ordered to answer questions regarding Apple's iTunes music monopoly.

Submission + - Steve Jobs Deposition Ordered in iTunes Lawsuit

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Reuters reports that US Magistrate Judge Howard Lloyd has ordered Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who is out on medical leave, to answer questions from lawyers for a group of consumers in a class action lawsuit accusing Apple of creating a music-download monopoly. At issue is a piece of software called Fairplay that allowed only music bought on iTunes to be played on the iPod. One competitor, RealNetworks Inc, responded in 2004 by introducing a new technology that would allow customers to play music downloaded from its site on their iPods but according to the complaint Apple quickly announced a software upgrade to iTunes that once more blocked music from RealNetworks. The ruling comes amid intense questions about Jobs' health but Jobs has recently appeared energetic in public and the plaintiffs argued in a court filing late last year that Apple failed to provide specific examples of how a deposition of Jobs would constitute "undue hardship.""

Submission + - Nexus S beats iPhone in "real world" Web tests, sa (

E IS mC(Square) writes: A Nexus S running Android 2.3 can load most websites 52 percent faster than an iPhone running iOS 4.3, according to a new study conducted by website analysis firm Blaze.

As per Ars Technica story on this report, "Blaze claims that its metrics are more relevant than those from SunSpider benchmarks because Blaze does "real world" testing on existing websites. The study measured load time on the sites of a thousand Fortune 1000 companies (that is, every company's site in the Fortune 1000) over WiFi, and says that the Nexus S running Android 2.3 loaded the sites faster 84 percent of the time. The median load time for the iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3 was 3.254 seconds, while the Nexus S's median load time was 2.144 seconds."


Submission + - Android Spanks Iphone 4 in web browsing (

bongey writes: In a series of measuring real world web load speeds on the Android base Nexus S phone spanked the iPhone 4. The android phone and Iphone 4 median load times were 2.144s and 3.254s respectively. The sample size was 45,000 page loads, across 1000 web sites. It also follows rumors that Apple is intentionally slowing down web apps to make there native apps more favorable.

Submission + - Adobe Fixes Flash: What Now, Apple? (

An anonymous reader writes: Adobe has just released Flash 10.2, a big update for Flash, which addresses some of the major concerns of Flash, especially the resource-hog issue. It has hardware acceleration does not occupy most CPU resources anymore. The security topic will remain a cat-and-mouse-chase, but Apple will have a much tougher time to argue against Flash. It's not difficult to predict that the pressure on Apple may increase, if Flash can regain traction.

Submission + - Verizon iPhone Also Haunted By The Death Grip

adeelarshad82 writes: Turns out that the Verizon iPhone 4 is also plagued with the same problem as the AT&T version, the "Death Grip". This isn't completely surprising since Apple has made no significant changes in the antenna design to warrant a permanent fix. As a result, the “Death grip” causes a drop in 3G data performance as well as the Wi-Fi performance. What's strange is that the Death Grip gives inconsistent results which is why analysts don't view this as a big problem for Apple, chalking up the news as "bloggers looking for something to write about". Analysts also argue that Apple sold millions of AT&T iPhone 4's last year and despite the media-furor, consumers did not line up at Apple Stores demanding refunds.

Malicious Websites Can Initiate Skype Calls On iOS 177

An anonymous reader writes "In this article, security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani shows how iOS insecurely launches third-party apps via registered URL handlers. Malicious websites can abuse this to launch arbitrary applications, such as getting the to make arbitrary phone calls without asking the user. Dhanjani 'contacted Apple's security team to discuss this behavior, and their stance is that the onus is on the third-party applications (such as Skype in this case) to ask the user for authorization before performing the transaction.' He also discusses what developers of iOS apps can do to design their software securely and what Apple can do to help out."

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