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Comment Re:Small numbers for Big Data? (Score -1) 57

Not everything big data is limited to the latest twitter or facebook.

Just to give a one example of many possible, think of any processing that involves millions of records daily, and you need to process them, aggregate, analyze, dice and slice across various attributes on daily/monthly/quarterly/yearly frequency. This could be a financial firm, a retail chain, or anything where a lot of transactions happen daily. And you might be surprised that it's not just large corporations or governments.

Also, when there are permutations and combinations, input size increases dramatically.

But the biggest benefit it offers is to be able to do all this at very low cost - and that's the key factor of it's rise and popularity. Sure, big corporations were able to do a lot of such heavy task because they could buy hardwares worth millions of $$. But big data (hadoop) suddenly makes small players equipped with the same tools as big players and that is game-changing.

I am not defending big data just because it's cool, but because for a small company like ours, we can now think of doing things that were beyond our reach because of heavy cost of adding more storage and more processing power. It's very easy to understand the importance If you are into data warehouse / data analytics industry. On the other hand, if you are just creating few web apps, you may find it hard to understand the big deal.

Comment Re:Confused! (Score -1) 57

Not really. Hadoop as a platform can be used for very heavyduty ETL as well as analytics needs. What you are confused is some of the tools within the framework (like Hive, Impala etc) that _also_ helps in lightweight ad-hoc analysis.

Also, HBase specifically addresses a need of a proper database - though not of a relational type.


Submission + - iPhone "Do Not Disturb" bug hit on January 1

pdclarry writes: As reported in The Guardian and Apple support forums As of January 1 the Do Not Disturb feature of the iPhone's iOS 6 does not turn off. One forum member did an analysis that shows that the bug recurs for several days at the beginning of each year in coming years if not fixed.

Just to add to the embarrassment, Apple chose Wednesday to launch a new advert promoting the iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature. (Replete with tennis's Williams sisters.)

Comment Re:Fuck Apple. (Score -1) 543

If that's what you are doing, then you should be fired right away you stupid fucking idiot. Go and check what's available in the market first before you display basic understanding of what a company infrastructure should look like you rich asshole.

4 confidence rooms, all laptops connect wirelessly over Intel widi. No proprietary connectors and no wires.

Now go suck Steve rich Jobs' dick. Just because you are incompetent doesn't mean everyone else is too.

Comment Re:Collusion? Really? (Score -1) 235

>> How this turns into collusion is beyond me, as Apple is not establishing the price of these books

But Apple is colluding with the publishers to make sure the same books are not sold anywhere else with lower price. In other words, if publishers want to make more money, Apple will provide them another channel, and in return, Apple will 'politely ask' that the same books are not sold lower on Amazon.

Since then, all my cheap kindle books have started costing as much as print editions. Fuck apple. And fuck your ignorance.

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