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Submission + - SPAM: Peek9: $15/month for email, SMS, RSS, FB & Twe 1

Just_Say_Duhhh writes: Peek, makers of bare-bones mobile email devices, have released the Peek9. The Peek9 adds features such as RSS feeds, Facebook & Twitter, Microsoft ActiveSync and PeekTop apps (the capability to deploy custom server-based applications to gather or provide data to Peek9 users). The Peek9 also displays current weather and a Google map displaying your location (or the location of your cell tower).

The price of the device is $69, and monthly service for unlimited use is $19.95. An annual payment plan drops that to $14.99. There's also a lifetime plan for $249.

If you don't use a cell phone for voice, paying $15/month for unlimited email and texts can be a big money saver over voice + text & email from a cell provider. Peek coverage includes North America, Europe and India. Combine a Peek9 with Google voice, and you can get incoming voice mail transcripts, and never have to use your voice again.

Users of Peek's older product (the Peek Pronto) can upgrade their firmware to get all the features available in the Peek9 (requires custom data cable, which appears to come included with a Peek9).

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