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Submission + - Louisiana city launches municipal FTTH (

oboreruhito writes: The Lafayette, La., Daily Advertiser reports:

"After nearly five years of discussions, a legal battle that went to the state Supreme Court and lengthy negotiations about television programming, LUS Fiber officially opened for business on Thursday. A small number of customers in Lafayette already have phone, television and Internet service through LUS Fiber, said LUS Director Terry Huval. Beginning today, LUS will begin mailing out notices to customers in the first phase of the controlled rollout to let them know how to sign up for the services."

LUS is the Lafayette Utilities System, the municipal electricity, water and wastewater provider. City voters passed a $125 million bond issue in 2005 to fund the project; Cox and BellSouth sued to stop or delay the project and lost. I've got Cox, the only cable provider in town, and they charge $115/month for expanded basic and very shaky "12Mbps" that's functionally around 8Mbps off-peak. The closest bundle LUS offers provides 10Mbps, about 15 or so more cable channels, and telephone service for $85/month. For the same price as Cox's 12Mbps residential standalone Internet, LUS offers 50Mbps. And LUS touts an interesting feature: "Access to the 100 Mbps Peer-to-Peer Community Intranet."

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